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Clannad – 18


Some people just don't die even if you killed them.

Oh man, talk about being shortchanged. I knew they were hinting at Tomoya x Nagisa path right off the bat, but to abruptly end two of my favorite routes in one swift blow just made me fill up with (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAAAAAGEE I didn't mind so much that they had altered the story to suit the schedule, but with the amount of episodes dedicated to Fuuko(who can't seem to stay dead) and Kotomi's arcs, I felt deprived and cheated.




So Tomoya got suspended after admitting to starting a fight in schoolShow ▼

if you got Kyou's best end. Also, I've yet to played Nagisa's route, since hers is probably the longest(spanning even over the epilogue) so I'll wait for KyoAni to do their stuff first, to avoid disappointment ._. Shin out.

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  1. Eh, I like Nagisa anyway.

  2. Yea, why won’t Fuuko die already..
    Her appearances are not cute at all, just annoying..

    Kyou and Tomoyo deserves more episodes..
    And Fuuko and Kotomi doesn’t…
    Imagine what will happen if they cut Fuuko’s and Kotomi’s story short in the anime..
    More Kyou and Tomoyo awesomeness..

  3. Fuuko is dead? o.o

  4. Fuko is the best choice. Best choi…

    Hilarious…and frightening.

  5. Wasn’t exactly fun seeing both Kyou and Ryou crying their hearts out (-__-’).

  6. I T_T at Tomoyo’s story too. And I don’t care who Tomoya ends up with, as long as he’s happy lol.

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