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Rosario + Vampire – 05


All girls get such a reaction from just getting wet.

As if the previous episodes weren't laden with enough fanservice, Gonzo kicks it up a notch this week with more over the top ecchi moments from start to finish. It's the school's obligatory extra co-curriculum day, and as such, both Tsukune and Moka scour around for a club to join, but unfortunately none of them were suitable. Moka's squealing as she gets harassed by club members really got me hard lawl.




It doesn't take long but the pair finally stumbles upon the seemingly normal swimming club. Of course, by normal I mean it's filled with nubile, young hotties that have just opened their membership to even males. Being the healthy male that he is, Tsukune joins without much hesitation, despite Moka's reluctance. It is here that Moka's weakness versus water is revealed, much to my disappointment, as I wanted to see her in a bikini _| ̄|○ She gets annoyed by Tsukune's tomfooler, and leaves the pool.




The gloomy mood is quickly negated as both Kurumi and Yukari make their timely appearance. Lucky bastard Tsukune gets a whiff of Kurumi's vag00 and Yukari's Delicious Flat Chest ® (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAAAAAAAGE!! Speaking of which, Kurumi sure knows how to work her man, and she rubs herself seductively against Tsukune. Again, (╬ ಠ益ಠ) RAAAAAAAGE!! Sadly for Yukari, her loli charms could only get her so far, although it doesn't stop her from fighting over Tsukune with Kurumi.





Elsewhere, more explanation on Moka's weakness versus water. Apparently water has purification properties that deal MASSIVE DAMAGE to vampires, and as such, Moka can only cleanse herself with water that has been neutralized by herbs. Interesting, but nothing compared to what happens next. Viewers are treated to what seems like a animated version of Girls Gone Wild Pool Edition, as the female members battle it out with one another in a series of events, complete with of nipslips and other boner-inducing moments.




Of course it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and sure enough, we've reached the later half of the show where the villain does their shit. The swimming club members reveal their true forms, and aptly enough, they turn out to be life-sucking mermaids, with the president having eyed Tsukune as he smells very human. Cue Moka, who arrives in the nick of time, but this time around, she has to deal with her weakness, which is exploited by the cunning mermaids. Of course, the selfless Moka ignores that fact and dives head in to rescue her lunch Tsukune. From here on out, it's pretty predictable; Tsukune frees himself, removes the Rosario and asses get wh00ped.




True Ancestor Moka however, is still angry at Tsukune for not understanding the other Moka's feelings and tells him in the face that he has no right to be with her. He apologizes to her the next day, and all is well..not. The pair is still left without a club to join, to which their homeroom teacher, the catgirl whose name I forgot, takes the opportunity to recruit them into newspaper club. Not wanting to be left behind, the seductive succubus and lolita witch volunteer as well.




So yeah, another episode of R+V. Shenanigans involving peeping toms next week, so look forward to it ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Shin out.

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  1. Can’t wait for the remaining girls to show up :D

  2. I’m staying away from the manga for as long as I can so I don’t get the disappointments from comparing.

  3. Well, for me this series has just become lamer with each episode. I have no objection at all to fanservice, but there needs to be something else to watch too otherwise it’s just an H title without the T&A. I’ll have to drop this one – another ‘meh’ title in a ‘meh’ season…

  4. Water isn’t really a vampire weakness according to vampire lore but holy water is.

    There has only been one situation where vampires were weak to water and I think that’s where the guys that created this story took it from and that was in Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver series where vampires are weak to water.

  5. Belela-san: lawl, tell that to GONZO

  6. lol shin made the right choice i think as of now, cause as of episode 7, their doing a character introduction a little to early… <.<;;

  7. I’ve just started watching this anime. The story is so cute :D Moka is also cute.. very ecchi lol

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