Atarashii Prelude


Maid Cafe? In My Malaysia?


More likely than you think! Kinda... Who would have guessed, that in this impoverished 3rd world country lies an establishment that somewhat resembles the fabled meido kissa that you'd find only in Japan. Now, before you get your hopes up, be reminded that you really shouldn't be expecting much out of this. Still, they're very new (about 2 months old), so there's plenty of room for improvement.

Me and my pal Hoshi-kun went there about 1100 hours to have brunch, and I must say, the signboard looks pretty neat and is not bad even when compared to the ones you see in Japan. The place in question goes by the name of kissA Koyotei


Since we were there pretty early, it was quite vacant. My first complain starts here:


Friend swears one of the maids did say it, but I have my doubts....

Herein lies the second problem with this eatery. If you were to visit their site, there is no indication that the waitresses here don the meido outfits you would normally see in the aforementioned maid cafes, which is huge blunder on the management's behalf as something this important should not have been overlooked. I say this because food wise(more on that later), it isn't any better than the other Japanese restaurants you'd find elsewhere, not to mention the fact it's pricey. As such, they could have drawn a bigger crowd catering to the niche otaku market if they played their cards properly. Even I only knew about the maids through a friend. Love you, Jenn :D Regardless, for the sake of this post, I'm going to just assume that they are indeed a maid cafe that has just opened it doors....
Anyway, you are greeted with the usual irrashaimase(-5 points) by the the maids. Hooray! Finally, the interesting bits. I won't comment much on their looks(I think they look decent enough) so I'll talk about their outfits instead. Yes, it is the kind you'd expect, although I personally thought that the colors were slightly dull and the skirts were too long and it could used a little more frills, not forgetting the lack of those maid hairbands. Also, they really should have gone with the zettai ryouiki look to boost appeal. Simply put, it lacks MOE~ Oh well. Since we're on the topic about costumes, there is another blogger who has already visited this locale, but it's obvious she's not otaku from the way she said "Besides, the uniform of the waitress there is kinda cute... Kawaiii (but then lack of traditional japanese style.. they are more to the modern part..." . Silly girl, you're missing the point!

Well, you be the judge:


Picture Removed At Request

Shin says: The one who took my order. Funnily enough, when I asked to take her picture, she asked if it was for a school project(do I look underaged?) to which I replied "Nah, I'm just a blogger." Also, it was fun seeing her reaction when I told her about how her costume resembles that of a maid, as she gave me a puzzled look. Just like silly girl blogger, she does not know the origin of her attire, which is most unfortunate, as she will not be able to personify the characteristics of an authentic maid to the fullest :( Taking into consideration initial impressions and if this was anime, I'd say she fits the normal girl archetype(Yes, they do exist! Just watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei)

Hoshi says: Futsuu wwwwwww. Yappari futsuu~


Picture Removed At Request 

Shin says: Curly hair. Slanted eyes. Tsundere.

Hoshi says: Tsundere da.

There is supposed to be a megane-ko maid, but I guess she took the day off ;-;

Once you're seated, the first thing you'd notice is that they have a pretty cozy ambiance, that feels like a bistro(they serve liquor) more than anything else. Speaking of which, they had English songs playing in the background, which really detracted from the overall atmosphere. I like being a weaboo as much as I can, thank you very much, so some Nihon uta would have been nice :)



Finally, food! I didn't bother looking at the menu thoroughly since they were all expensive anyway. Therefore, I just ordered the (cheapest)set lunch which consisted of chicken teriyaki and some other stuff. Drinks weren't included(heck, I expected free flow of green tea at least) so I had to order orange juice on the side. The overall taste? Haha. Let's just say it was quite filling(I'm being generous here)




After food, I took a couple more random shots, including one of the other customers who also took pictures of the maids. Was it all worth it? I guess, as this is probably the only place of its kind that I'm aware of, although I would rather see one opening in Kuala Lumpur instead of Penang, since I come here at most twice a year. Would I return? Sure, and hopefully by then they would have improved by leaps and bounds(lawl).





There you have it, Malaysia's very own meido kissa(if you're kind enough to acknowledge it with their shortcomings taken into consideration ^^;)Then again, as I've said before, they just opened for business, so there is still time for them to work on things. To all local otakus, do drop by whenever you're around the area and let me know what you think about the place :D

As for the girls, if you're interested in fulfilling your fantasies of being a Konata working at a maid cafe or just love cosplaying and would like to earn money while at it, here's your chance to do so! They're currently looking for staff, so as long you're above the age of 18 and have experience in the relevant field(waitressing, serious business)


With all said and done, I hope the management will defy the norm and become Malaysia's first actual maid cafe instead of being yet another run of the mill Japanese restaurant with waitresses in quirky attires. I wish them the very best, and perhaps, this will serve as a forerunner to the future local maid cafes in the country. Shin out.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Relevant to my interest.
    Wait.. wut??!!

    *They should have an internet corner w/ PC.
    Lets send some feedback/suggestion mails to em YO

  2. They’re just shy la, if they said ‘okaerinasai goshujin sama’ 99 out of 100 customers will give then blank stares. Most of their customers will be normal folks who thinks it’s an ordinary Japanese restaurant. Though with this plug hopefully more otaku will visit it and they’d feel more secure saying the okaeri thing.

    But the next time someone goes there, give them Danny Choo’s link plz :)

  3. WTH its in Penang? Are you in penang, Shinn? XD

    And tsunderre-ko looks short. XD

  4. Well, I reckon that they will improve. I mean it’s only been 2 months. But yeah, give them danny choo link or have them watch Tommy Lee Jones akiba boss coffee ad at youtube ^^.

    Well, it’s a bit out pf the way for me though since it’s in Penang. Oh well, what to do.

  5. Is there any hand massage service in private lounge ?

  6. HAHAHAHA you can only enter if you’re 18 XD may I ask why? Probably…….nah forget it

  7. @e-jump

    There’s free wifi =p


    The Chinese family before me already gave blank stares even with “Irrashaimase”


    Yeah, I was in Penang for CNY. Haha, maybe we can call her Chibi Tsundere-ko now


    I’m imagining them playing moe moe jyanken in Hokkien now.


    I didn’t stay long enough till Happy Hours…


    Damn, now you got me thinking about their after hours services xD

  8. @Shin – Lol, now that’s worth seeing XD.

  9. why penang????????

    wish it was in klang valley area. ToT

  10. Well..this is unexpected..
    Never thought that this day will come..
    So..this means that the otaku culture in Malaysia is going to a new level now..

  11. Well.. i.. umm… don’t have mch to say.

    I was expecting “GOSHUUJIN-SAMAAAAAA” and “OKAIRINASAI!”

    They need MOAR different types of meido.

  12. Fix the link to their site :O

    And… needs cuter girls.

  13. Penang here I comeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!11

  14. Oh, lawl, I can see why you said facepalm.jpg

    For the maid cafe I went to in Taiwan, the only failure was me, lol.

  15. Sweet,haha you only think this stuff is in Anime/Manga. This wasnt in Japan,was it? Haha I actually like their costumes.

    Anywho looks like a cool place, but i think if it’s a japanese resturant they really shouldnt have english songs playing in the background,takes away the nice different place atmosphere.

  16. LOL!!!

    I live in Penang and I think I’ll pay it a visit soon. This is real LOL~

    thanks to Sikua who sent me the link. Hahaha, am I gonna puke? :P

  17. dude… I am Filipino, and we certainly do not look upon Malaysia as an “impoverished third world country”. Where does that put the Philippines then, the fifth world? haha. ;)

  18. “impoverished 3rd world country”? Malaysia? As far as I know, even the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank do not classify this country as such.

  19. I’m Malaysian…. “impoverished third world country”?? I don think so. Go there for holidays all the….time k i dont go there that much but its still pretty good over there (I just went to india)

  20. Lawl guys, I was only kidding. I’m Malaysian too, yo.

  21. Awwwww damn sad case ok! And you still managed to look at it in a positive light. I have no mood dy from the moment I saw the first maid picture. T_T Haha. Gosh I hate ppl banking on our trends without fully understanding the concepts. Bah.

    So hey, somebody start a real good maid cafe in KL? And a butler cafe too? Hahah. Anyway thanks for visiting the place and reviewing it ya~ <3

  22. Wow I never thought my hometown have a Maid Cafe.
    It was a good chance to pay a visit as well as do some Research about the Maid Cafe.

  23. There’e still room for improvement but this is a good beginning. I wish we have that kind of cafe here at our place (Philippines) ^^

  24. LOL LOL. only 2 maids working? >< like what shinji said. There still room for improvement. XD

  25. I envy that you guys have cosafe ;-;

  26. hmm… very interesting … my friends and i were discussing about the possibility of having a maid cafe here but i guess the management still has room to improve… but looking forward to their improvement.. woohoo~

  27. I went today and I think there was a few changes. Now the uniform is pink and white ^_^ really cute maybe cause its Valentine’s Day today. And they wore maid headbands now and they played japanese songs. They should have played some famous j-pop songs but all I hear was some gay voices singing.
    As for the food it was expensive for 2 person. Rm55. But on the bright side I got a discount card.

  28. excuse me for doub post, i mistyped my nickname ;p gomen~

  29. since ure all so good at giving comment y not all of u try and serve as one of the ez is it u think to work as a part timer and to full fill all the atakus wishes huh?? complain so freaking muj and yet not know all those hardship.. ok.. lets just all of us do act lik those maid in the animes and in japan how do u think local customers especially those older folks will think of us.. lik one of u said sum ppl dun even understand when we said irrashaimase.. next time do think with ur brains and reality (if u ppl do have one) when u wanna gve out a comment..

    no offence but as a waitress working there i am REALLY REALLY not satisfied when there is some ppl who compares.. anyone who are not satisfied do send and reply me.. i am not afraid for challenges..

    mail me..

  30. nice article u got there!! kudos~~~ <33333

    working there is not a sin la…irrasshaimase is something common IMO…cz every japanese restaurant tat u go in will accompany with “Irrasshaimase!!!” or the darn lazy phrase just..”Mase!!!!” which neither do i get the meaning of it…its not the point of whether ppl understand u or not…rather the air of it. if u r doing a maid cafe…do it maid-fully cz if u r working as a maid…u’ll serve the master..therefore u must treat the master/mistress with utmost respect.(all maids are “yes sir, yes maam!” no?) Ppl here are jz comparing the superbity (sp?) of how the maid cafe in japan functions as…n as i noe, maid cafe in taiwan & china also does the same as the japanese. ur cafe is a gud cafe in the sense of jz plain CAFE…n not MAID CAFE unless u guys are willing to go all out. otherwise, its a great start. get wat i mean?? another thing is that ur cafe serves liquour..and that ur menu…well…it has what a typical japanese restaurant have..not a maid cafe have..tats y i said that is gud enuf as jz a plain cafe ur maids are jz there for umm…uniform purposes only. i myself have worked as a “professional” =P waiter/waitress at a luxury hotel so the hardship is no difference bt maybe in terms of ambiance(sp?).AND…lemme say it clearly, dun be biased towards only 1 commentS…these are received from the otaku community (which IMO noes more about GUD MAID CAFES than the normal ppl) bout others?? as in ur NORMAL customer-sama tachi..

    ur cafe is already called a maid cafe..maybe try to act more like maid la…so intead of japanese, maybe u can jz greet in english, malay, hokkien, cantonese, mandarin, hakka, tamil, thai, tagalog, hebrew, jewish, potemayo’s language etc ma…

    “okaerinasai goshujin sama” => welcome home master..its tat easy! if not put in some other varieties such as “welcome to our cafe~”, “huang ying kuang ying” (sorry, banana here) etc..dun jz limit ur vocab la…THINK!!!take it as ur cafe as the home for ur customers to rest and relax ma..and dun jz stand at one corner or at the counter…interact with the etc..get to noe ur customers!! build gud relationships (not the GRO type la) tat makes them come for more~ again…THINK!!!! haiz…u got so worked up for nothing ~_~”

    ps: otaku is otaku..there’s no such word as ataku


  31. Yuki – Most japanese restaurants i go to greet you with “Irrashaimase!” or “Welcome!” in Engrish when i go in.

    If you’re going to advertise yourself as a meido cafe, it’s only prudent that you use words related to the cafe you’re working for.

    In this case, if you think those “uncles” and “aunts” can’t handle it, you could always say “okairinasai!!!” without the ‘Goshuujin-sama’.

  32. Or… You can just forget about calling the cafe a maid cafe and just call it a normal jap restaurant. I’d sure not want to go to a maid cafe like yours if it’s not even done right.

  33. yuki- btw….nobody is challenging u my dun perasan so much XD

  34. I’m so not welcomed anymore ;-;

    Wow, .:oryzae: that’s a really awesome post there. Maybe you can let the management know of your thoughts by mailing them some suggestions at their site :D

  35. Wow, didn’t realized that there was a meido cafe in Penang. Great find! I must make a stop there one day if I’m ever in the area.

    I’m even more surprised that there isn’t one in Klang Valley. Considering the concentration of anime fans here is so much greater, you’d think it be a natural choice.

  36. shin@ well..she’s complaining it was a nice article tho…since she herself can come her to make comments, i think that the ppl there will sum how realise it gua >_> n i only go penang once in a blue moon -_-

    p/s: b4 i knew it..i clicked on the submit only to realise tat i wrote too long ady..sorry TT__TT

  37. I could say that their uniforms are quite a disappointment compared to the Japanese cafe’s but I guess it can always be improved. The food there is pricy and they are only paying RM4.50 per hour. Sigh. I was expecting more as I considered working there.

    About the service, we got served by the first maid in your pic. She was really warm and bright. I like her energy! Keep up the good work, girl!

    Well, I am a student from KDU Penang and I would like to personally invite all of you to our very own Manga in the Box event on the 28th of February 2008 which will be held in KDU College Penang starting from 11am. We, in the Animanga club, would rival Kissa by opening our very own Cosplay Cafe!

    I will personally be serving as a maid and so do expect the “irrashaimase, goshujin sama” as we are quite serious in doing it! We will be serving refreshments and the Pink Hibiscus Club would also be supporting our event by selling bentos! Do come and support k?

  38. common la guys, it’s not written there maido kissa but kissa koyotei, this is just another japanese food cafe with their waitress dressing in kawaii maido attire, isn’t it unfair to compare it with a maido kissa in japan? the uniform is kawaii enough imho. btw, seriously rm4.50 an hour is just terrible

  39. aiya.. haven cum bek here in a long time.. ok ok otaku k.. was typing quite fast that time k.. i on9 at work k.. dun let my boss know though.. neway was a little besyok when i saw this blog.. but i got used to it adi.. it not the challenging stuffs and all its just that ppl do get irritated by bad comments k.. btw i just wanna make it clear its not a meido kissa rite.. if it is i wont be working there anyway..

    -kyon daikirai

    ahem how did u know the pay is 4.5 per hour.. dun think id mention that

  40. btw can u lik remove the first pic of the waitress?? even i feel horrible looking at it k..

  41. It was a maid cafe?! I passed by hundreds of times and I thought it was a typical japanese restaurant/bar. Looks like I’ll have to persuade a taiwanese friend to work there.

  42. I bet the new maid cafe havents got the moe thing goin on yet lolXD
    but I always wish tat 1 day I could own a maid cafe….

  43. << kung pinoy ka pindot n? extrang income dito makaka kuha k.

  44. Hi guy, I was discovered a new maid cafe located at Kuala Lumpur Kepong. Sound good…

  45. is the food sold there halal?? :???:

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