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Heaven Piercing Gurrin-Loginn

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Not sure if it's fake but this is supposedly the official trailer for the dubbed version of Gurren Lagann. Having said that, ADV Films(the official licensor) have removed several titles from their website including this the other day, so whether we'll still see the final product actually being released is a question. Then again, after watching this, I'd rather they not... Still, it was pretty funny. Gainax bounce lawl.

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  1. oo i hate dubs … i cant stand them lol

  2. Just watch subs. I never bothered with dubs anyway.

  3. if its a fake, then its a pretty damn good fake….-_- but the last part just gives it away.

  4. wtf so gay the trailer. LOSE

  5. Unfortunately, it’s genuine =P

  6. it’s real. it was on the USA Newtype’s CD

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