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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ – 05


Can't see shit, captain!

Hinata reaffirms her feelings for Hirose by confessing to him in front of Hayami. The latter hangs her head down, somewhat acknowledging was happening right before her very eyes, and asks Hirose to never go near her again. The next day in school, both Hirose and Hinata are teased by their classmates, as the pair are considered lovers of sorts. Despite seemingly closer to one girl now, Hirose and Hayami remain as distant as they were back then.




As classes end for the day, Hirose is invited by Hinata's grandfather, who came to pick the two in a limousine. He is told of how Hinata and Hirose were drawn as a married couple on the blackboard in class earlier, and takes the opportunity to express his relief and hopes of that actually taking place, as he considers his granddaughter in good hands. However, he refers Hirose with the -sama honorific, to which the latter reacts, although the old man quickly switches to Takuma-kun. We then see Hayami, who has accidentally grazed her finger, recalling the times she had spent with Hirose.




As Hinata accompanies Hirose back to his house, she is questioned if she was being put through all this by her grandfather. She denies it and insists that her feelings for him is sincere. When Hinata finally gets home, she is reminded once again that Hirose comes from a long line of influential figures, and that forming a union with them will bring great fortune to the Kagura household. For the very first time, Hinata voices out her unwillingness in partaking in this charade any longer, only to have her grandfather furiously reminding her about her long dead sister.




Hirose meets up with Hamaji the next day to delve deeper into what really took place between Hinata and Hayami in their younger days. Unsurprisingly, they used to be good friends, until at one point, Hinata's grandfather marched over to Hayami's place with a mob bearing torches. He ordered Hinata never to mix with the Hayami as her family will bring misfortune to everyone in the village. The two has not spoken a word to one another ever since. Elsewhere, Hayami confronts Hinata to ask whether or not she truly loves Hirose, to which she responds favorably. The former seems satisfied with Hinata's reply and wisher her happiness.




Hirose sulking all alone, is paid a visit once again by the ever carefree Otoha. She gives him some advice, and with that, Hirose is determined to patch things up between the once best friends. He heads over to Hinata's residence and forcefully drags her all the way to Hayami's place across the bridge. Hinata reminiscences the memories she once shared with Hayami, and after so many years, the former gathers the courage to apologize. Hayami accepts, and all is well again.




So with that, the conflict between Hinata and Hayami has been resolved, although how the other villagers. especially the former's grandfather will react to it remains to be seen. You can be sure he'd snap, as he has the ulterior motive of pairing Hinata and Hirose together for personal means. Regardless of what will happen, looks like that bitch Yui is going to get an episode to herself next week, so I'm guessing they'd use it to make her into a more likable character. Maybe. Shin out.

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  1. lol i doubt it’ll work out with Yui’s track record as of yet with the past couple of episodes. even her loli’s won’t blind you from how big a bitch she is lol.

  2. You’re probably right, and just like you said, I overlooked the fact that she was loli as she was too much of a bitch for me to like lawl.

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