Atarashii Prelude


Fuck Yeah, Moka!


That is all.

Posted by Shin

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  1. LOL! haha, i couldn’t stand watching the first ep of this anime though

  2. W-w-why not? I admit the plot is crap, but at least the girls are hawt =P

    [EDIT] Oh wait, nevermind. Just read your profile ><

  3. haha hawt girls mean everything :)

  4. Shuffle had hot girls but I got tired of it ._. Same goes with DCII lawl.

  5. oo I tried watching Shuffle but then I got bored of it too. If I remember, I liked the green-head and the red-head the most and I hated the orange-head. Funny how they all have different hair colours

  6. you really should finish shuffle the 2nd half of the anime makes it all worth it.

  7. Shin could have a lot of fun with shuffle…

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