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Übel Blatt

Übel Blatt is a dark fantasy manga. Currently it is being scanned by KMTS (Korean Manga Translations, although i don't think this is a manhwa like they usually do). Now your probably thinking "whats great about this series?" Well they're plenty answers to that question. Well one answer to it is this.


The pic says enough on it's own really since those three main female characters pretty much appeal to all fans lol. But thats not the only winning point to it really. The story is actually pretty interesting, it starts off with volume 0 (chapters 1 to 3 plus 2 bonus gaiden chapters) telling of the legend of the Black Sword. For being a 3 chapter long arc in itself showed signs of being pretty intense and action packed. It also showed itself to be as outrageous in situations that'll make say that f*** up in a matter of minutes (although in a good way at times). In fact the first 8 pages showed signs of it potentially being as lethally good as Berserk since it started off with introducing characters with a sex scene as well @.@.

The story's interesting point lie not only with the hero and his past but with the intriguing history of the world they live in. The main history depicts that the country Szaalanden was saved from it's neighboring invading nation Wischtech by 7 heroes. The legend of those heroes was that they were called into action by their emperor, granted they started out as fourteen as well being named the Holy Lances. however through their travels the number decreased to 11, and at this point in time things changed in the group. It was recorded that there was 4 betrayers to the emperor within the group hence forth they were named the 4 Lances of Betrayal, and in that point in time the remaining 7 had defeated them bringing peace to the land. Also making them worshiped as noble protectors of the country, but the history itself plays that pivotal role in the hero's journey. Since I don't wanna spoil it I'll let readers themselves find out whats happening there O.< b.

Basically this is a nice manga you'd wanna pick up, although it's not currently scanslated to the current volume and chapter in it's country of origin, it's still a story you'd wanna pick up. After the grittiness of volume 0 you'll be hooked on it as well as I am.

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  1. Holy shi- That’s some nice loli wwwwwww

  2. lol luckily for you theres 2 of them.

  3. well it isn’t a manwha!!!
    the manga itself isn’t bad but…if you read both berserk and vampire juuji kai you can definatly see that it’s a hybrid of both series and they have more there own style!but koinzell black-swords are pretty cool.

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