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Spice and Wolf – 04


What a cocktease ;_;

Lawrence informs the merchant whom he traded the marten pelts with on the scheme hatched by some unscrupulous quarters. After some investigation into the matter, it turns out that there are people trying hoard the weakening silver coin by spreading rumors that its value would rise. There will be several operatives that will persuade gullible merchants into buying these coins, when in reality, the value is diminishing. In a state of panic, these merchants will quickly relinquish whatever coins they have in their possession to these very people. However, to pull off something as grand as this, the risk involved is equally high.




Lawrence and Horo head back to rest for night, and they meet the branch manager of the Milone company the very next day. The conspirators have been discovered, and it seems that the Medioh Company are involved. Still, it's not something they could pull off with their resources, and as such, there are probably nobles giving their support from the shadows. Despite that, it is very possible for Lawrence and this company to turn this matter into their favor through a pre-emptive strike. They discuss a lucrative deal that would leave Lawrence wealthy enough to open his own shop.




However, this news does not please Horo as it would mean he would probably stop accompanying her back north. Lawrence assures Horo that she would be fine on her own, but she's sick of being alone. Seeing that she is very upset by this, he promises to see her journey to the end, as it's not like he could open a shop immediately anyway. Overwhelmed, she embraces Lawrence, telling him about this dream she had where she was all alone. He manages to comfort her, and as a reward of sorts, she sleeps in the same bed as him(!!!!!!!!) Unfortunately, just before anything fun took place, Horo alerts Lawrence that there are strangers lurking outside their room.





The pair make their escape through the window, as they head to the Milone company to seek refuge. However, their pursuers were too many in number, and Horo decides to make a sacrifice. Horo tells Lawrence that they should split up, while she becomes a decoy. Lawrence objects, but Horo insists on doing so, as a way to repay his kindness. After almost being captured, Lawrence finally manages to find sanctuary at the merchant office. Information regarding the deal between Lawrence and the company has been leaked, and the Medioh's have dispatched thugs to take care of the latter. He pleads with the manager to find a way to rescue Horo, but is turned down. With the letter that arrived soon after Lawrence found safety, it turns out Horo has indeed been captured, with her identity being revealed in the process. It is then that Lawrence tells the manager who she really is, and needless to say, the latter is astonished. The scene then changes to Horo, moments before her capture, as she growls and bares her fangs to the thugs surrounding her, when she is approached by a mysterious person in a cloak.




What an eventful episode. Lawrence almosts get lucky with Horo, but since the show rated isn't rated for it, there is no furry secksing ;_; Still, it was a pretty sweet bonding moment between them, as it highlighted Horo's frailty, which makes her even more human beyond appearance, even though her Captain Obvious statement on how being alone is lonely lawl, although I attribute this to the subbers more than anything else... And judging from the final scene, it looks like Horo is going to have her hands full dealing with the church, which she has been avoiding for obvious reasons. It would be interesting to see how it turns out, as Horo seems to recognize the cloaked person.

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