Atarashii Prelude


Rosario​ + Vampire​ – 04


I came!

Unhappy with his newfound harem of three(lawl), Tsukune contemplates over whether or not, things should remain as they are. As expected of an indecisive male harem lead who doesn't know he's being blessed with the presence of really attractive women.




On his way to take out the thrash, he meets up with three wankers who are apparently the presidents of fanclubs dedicated to the three females in Tsukune's harem thus far. They all take potshots at him, not realizing he's actually human. This persists until the girls come to his aid, which results in more sulking from Tsukune, as he finds himself being useless. Hurt in more ways than one, Tsukune recuperates, talking on a cellphone with no one on the other end, asking if it's fine for a weak human like himself, who is supposed to be protecting the girls, to stay at the academy.




We turn our attention to the fanboys, drooling over and rubbing themselves against photos of their idols. I can't make fun of them, as it hits closer to home than I imagined ;_; More disgusting fanboy antics the following day, as they individually stalk the girls of their liking, with Moka the only one safe. The other two, namely Kurumu and Yukari, complain to the former and Tsukune over this matter. It's suggeste they all accompany Tsukune, to lure and finish off the fanboys at first sight. Tsukune declines, but Moka accidentally lets slip that he's no match for the three of them. With his male pride hurt from Moka's statement, Tsukune leaves and broods for the rest of the day.




While doing some cleaning chores, Yukari spots Tsukune carrying a bag leaving the school vicinity. Somewhat alarmed by it, she runs off to tell Moka about it. As it so happened to be the same day the bus arrives for its monthly stopover, Moka immediately concludes that Tsukune was going to leave the place. Being all alone, Tsukune is ambushed by the fanboys, who reveal their true forms. I can see why they can't get laid. From here on it's business as usual; Tsukune gets hurt, the girls show up, Tsukune removes Moka's rosary, and some asses get kicked. As it turns out, all Tsukune had wanted to do was ask the bus driver to deliver some letters to his family. Oops.




Just another R+V episode, with the usual servings of ecchi and a non-coherent plot. Then again, if you've been keeping tabs on my summaries, you'd know that I'm a sucker for this sort of things, so yeah ^^; Next week seems to compensate for the lack of fanservice, as it is going to be a swimsuit episode, so expect gratuitous amounts of boner inducing moments(hopefully). Shin out.

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  1. LOL the first picture looks wrong

  2. Last picture : You mustn’t go away, Tsukune XDXD

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