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Haruhi Wants You At The Beijing Olympics


The cover for an event pamphlet adorned with someone familiar. Blatant ripoff or viral marketing? You decide. Say, is that supposed to be Kyon? Source

Posted by Shin

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  1. Come on
    That`s a rip off.
    And is olympics some more

  2. Still funny though. Don’t you just love China? ^^

  3. china will always be china. ahahahhaha

  4. Chinese cartoons were always ugly and uninspiring. What an insult to perhaps Noizi Itou’s finest character ever designed.

    Still, it does show that Haruhi is kinda popular in China though…

  5. Wow that is some ugly artwork.

  6. Eh? It looks okay to me(albeit a poor copy of the original), since it was designed for school kids to begin with ^^;

  7. I reckon it’s a blatant rip-off. And yeah, it is somewhat ugly. Apologise to Haruhi-sama, whoever you out there that drew the pic…

  8. Ah. That pingback thing was faster than me.
    Anyway, I’ll direct you to a picture I drew after being inspired by your post. I think it’s better than that Olympic one.

  9. @clazy

    Oh gawd, I actually lawl’ed.

    Also, thanks for the compliment =D

    Funnily enough, someone actually bothered to do a little sh00ping and posted this image of that very same Beijing Haruhi as a figurine ^^;

  10. I lawl’ed. Olympic Haruhi, eh.

    Kurogane’s last blog post..Sailor-fuku Maria + Megane = ?

  11. Gah! The other dude Kyon… :!: :?:

  12. haruhi looks like shes from an american cartoon

  13. @dKiWi -

    thats kindaa rude and im chinese, i attend a art class its filled with other chinese ppl and most them draw really good like my friend cindy du, she draws amazing manga work, its just moe, and KAWAII

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