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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ – 04


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For some reason or another; beach episode! Disregarding the climatic end from last week, Hirose and the rest of the girls head down to the seaside for some fun. A new girl shows up right after them, and with the help of a pair of binoculars, spots Hamaji, to whom she refers as Ma-chan, playfully cuddling Hirose, and she's none to happy about it.



Being an obligatory fanservice episode, all the girls flaunted their swimsuits, and although Hinata looked the best and has the biggest rack out of the lot, Hamaji wins for wearing her school swimsuit. Just as they were done taking a group shot, Yukiji, as the new girl is known, ambushes Hirose with a flying knee to the occipital. Because this is anime. Hirose suffers at most a bruised ego. It turns out Yukiji is Hamaji's sister who will stop at nothing from preventing guys from getting close to the latter. Hamaji attempts to persuade Yukiji to leave, but to no avail, resulting in the loli imouto being dragged away forcefully. Like the gallant male lead he is, Hirose insists that Yuki stay, and she accepts, albeit in typical tsun-tsun fashion.




Of course with that being said, it doesn't stop Yuki from playing pranks on Hirose, under the pretext of protecting Hamaji from him. After several failed attempts, she finally convinces Hirose to wait at a secluded spot, bluffing that Hinata wishes to speak to him, in private. Again, like a typical harem hero, Hirose unquestioningly does so. The girls realize he is missing and after searching for Hirose for a while, they finally confront Yuki about it. She denies having seen or talked to him, but Hamaji knows she is lying, although Hirose's whereabouts remain unknown, as the loli runs off.



Yukiji goes for a swim, but finds her legs suddenly cramming. Fortunately, Hirose notices Yukiji's cries for help, and although he does not know how to swim, dives in attempts of rescuing her anway. As expected, Hirose himself finds himself in a bind, as he struggles to make it ashore. Hamaji arrives in time and saves the two of them. Hirose, who at that point was unconscious, wakes up only to find out he's been given CPR by Hamaji. Lucky bastard. The loli reluctantly thanks Hirose for saving her life, and all is well, for the time being.



Later in the evening, everyone goes for a dip at the onsen, but strangely enough, Hamaji is missing from the girl's side. Hmm... Well, if you've spoiled yourself ahead of time, you'd know by now Hamaji is actually a guy, a fact that Hirose had to learn the hard way. After that, Hirose goes for a walk by the beach, and there he spots Hayami going for swim(how the heck did she get here?) and he tries to approach her, only to be posed a difficult question regarding his feelings towards her. Before he can reply, Hinata shows up out of nowhere and the situation gets awkward. Again.




Hamaji in school swimsuit + revelation of him being a trap = win! I sort of half expected they'd reveal that fact from the moment he was wearing it, but just like other great traps before him, such as Mizuho of Otoboku, he manages to conceal his wang and spots a bit of boobage as well. Superb. Next week is Kagura(who?)'s episode, but they had better resolve that last part with Hirose and his two chicks and not dismiss it like they did in this. Shin out.

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  1. Lol. Hamaji = Epic trap indeed. Kei is still the trap chara for me though (^_^).

  2. Kei’s great, but Hamaji’s voice’s more moe ^^

  3. woah a gay lol

  4. Oh shi- sorry man. I’ve no idea why Akismet marked your comments as spam. Good thing I got curious and checked ><

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