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Bamboo Blade – 14


You can tell Bamboo Blade is next gen, with the amount of bloom and HDR lighting it has.

Despite obviously having a lot of fun from training, Azuma makes it clear to both Kirino and Saya that she does not wish to associate with the kendo club any longer. The pair nod in acknowledgment, and just as Azuma was about to take her leave, Kirino asks if it's okay to order a breastplate for her. Not realizing she was being toyed, she cheerfully declines, as she still has the one from middle school...Talk about slowpoke.jpg.



In the faculty room, Kojiro is approached by the crazy pair with a list of nicknames for Azuma, including Satorin, Sacchin(Isn't is sad?) and Sacchan(wut). Unfortunately, he dampens the mood by asking them to stop what they were doing, as it would be unfair to force Azuma into joining. Kirino and Saya run out crying, to which Miyako takes notice. Time to do things her way. After classes, Miyako head over to Azuma's class, skipping her cleaning duties, in order to persuade the latter into reconsidering.




Miya Miya corners Azuma by spouting hurtful lines such as useless people will remain the same regardless of whether they partook in co-curriculum activities, and that there were people who still obtained good grades even when they joined clubs. Seeing Azuma so deeply affected by her statements, it was a matter of hook, line and sinker for Miyako, as she states that her grades has been dropping ever since she quit kendo and that there will be people in the club who will help her with her studies. Miyako's litle pep talk was so effective that it inspired Azuma to no end, even driving her to kneel before the former, seeking permission to join.




Azuma hands in her application letter the next day, and with that, she becomes a permanent member(finally!) Kojirou meets up with his senior and sets up another practice duel with his other kendo team. It is then he reminisces about the past events and how it lead to the things were now. The hyped up kendo instructor then informs his team that they will have go an intensive training camp. In school orz




Just when I thought they sealed the deal with Azuma in the previous episode, they had to pull off something like this to fill up the time slot. Oh well, at least judging from the preview, it is going to be an obligatory onsen episode, so I hope it makes up for this lackluster episode. Shin out.

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  1. How does an obligatory onsen episode make up for anything?

  2. I’m so shallow I can settle for a little fanservice ._. Seriously though, the only reason I’m still sticking to this show is for the girls after all ^^;

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