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Spice​ and​ Wolf​ – 03​


Emm, tasty horse balls...

Lawrence and Horo finally arrive at Pattsio, to which he questions her whether if it was alright not to be hiding her face. Horo then proceeds by telling Lawrence about the tales the villagers have spread on her appearance and characteristics, to which they got right down to pat, much to his surprise. Horo assures him that it was alright, as they would have probably forgotten her by now.



In town, Horo is enthralled by the sight of apples, and like a sad puppy(SO MOE!) longing for something, she hints to Lawrence that she would like some. He catches on and passes her a single silver coin to purchase a few. Of course, by Horo's standard, a few turns out to a basket load. Slightly peeved at the fact Lawrence intentionally decide not to notice that she had wanted them in the first place, he boastfully tells her about the feeling of empowerment derived when seeing someone crave for something and knowing that they are helpless before you. Just as he decides to take an apple for himself, Horo slaps Lawrence's hand away, saying it was all hers. Despite the fact he paid for it, Horo claims that sort of amount can be easily earned by her, with Lawrence holding her to her word as he reminds her about having to earn her keep.




With that, Lawrence heads down to the local merchant company to hawk off his marten furs. After doing a spot of bargaining in bids of raising the value of his merchandise, Lawrence is satisfied with the amount offered. But just as he was about to seal the deal, Horo interrupts and works her mercantile magic. By letting the merchant smell the fur, she proceeds to let him on about an elaborate "backstory" on the origins of the wares, about how the sweet smell which it exudes was a result of the martens frolicking in the forests eating fresh fruit not long ago. Allowing the merchant to test its durability, Horo further exaggerates on its overall quality. With all said and done, Horo, with the predatory instincts of her lineage, goes for the kill, netting Lawrence a 50% markup of the original offering, to his amazement.




As per his original purpose of coming to Pattsio, Lawrence meets up with Zeiren once again, to confirm his story. Seeing as how the youngster can't even validate his own sources, our hero is convinced by it, as sounding too sure would have made it a lie. Spending the night teaching Horo on the various kinds of silver coins in circulation, Lawrence decides to pay a visit to yet another merchant cum acquaintance to reconfirm Zeiren's tale. With Horo's uber sensitive hearing, Lawrence manages to come to a conclusion that Zeiren had been lying all the while. Baffled as to why the youngster would do something like that, Horo tells him the obvious fact that he was duped, plain and simple, as it was a win-win situation for Zeiren regardless. However, she brings up an interesting theory which suggests that it might have been more to the story, with someone else of greater power and influence pulling the strings. It is then that Lawrence comes to the realization to a trick of buying weak currencies to reap profits.




Wow, nothing like intricate middle ages economics to keep one's mind occupied. More Horo cuteness abound, it's amazing to see that she's able to pull off something like that just from watching humans trading, coincidence or otherwise. Looks like we'll be treated to more of the plot next episode, with Lawrence's newfound enlightenment, which is great, since the story's kind of slow at the moment. Yiff Yiff. Shin out.

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  1. Horo blushing and going all dere-dere = Massive Win ^^.

  2. Indeed. Even though it was an act, it was still very cute.

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