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Rosario + Vampire – 03

Whatever could they be looking at?

Why does this show gives me the hard-on? I feel so guilty for liking this show. Not. Yet another introduction episode, this time the lolilicious 11 year old witch Sendo Yukari. Due to her intelligence, she is able to skip a few grades and factor in her mischievous nature, she is not exactly the most popular student in school. That being said, it doesn't stop her from going after the most popular student, Moka. After being rescued by a few delinquents, Yukari confesses her feelings to Moka, and the boob grabbing, nose bleed inducing loliyuri shenanigans between the two really pushes all my fanboy buttons.

Seeing Tsukune as a threat, she reveals to him her true identity and plays a trick on him, in hopes of keeping him at bay. Slightly injured, Tsukune heads to the infirmary to patch up, with Kurumi accompanying him. Yukari, who is nearby decides once again to mess with Tsukune, this time with the help of a voodoo doll. The events that ensue is so overloaded with fanservice, I was hitting the keyboard as I watched it ^^; Either way, Moka walks into the two, which makes things really awkward. However, it doesn't take long for Yukari to expose herself as she was laughing loudly by the window.

After a lecturing from Tsukune, Yukari dismisses it and says that she doesn't need friends, since she was alone to begin to with. She runs off, thinking back what Tsukune said to her and the bad memories about how being being a witch, and a prodigy at that, has alienated her from the rest of her classmates. It turns out witches are considered half bred, as they were the result of the unification between humans and demons, which leads them being hated by both sides of the spectrum. Tsukune realizes that fact and decides to go after Yukari.

Somewhere in school, Yukari is confronted by the delinquents from earlier and is attacked by them. Fortunately, Moka arrives in time to intervene. After an awkward bonding moment, the delinquents, by now in the form of lizardmen, resumes their attack, and just as Yukari was about to get hit, Tsukune dives in to save her, receiving the blow meant for her. And as with the previous episodes, circumstances lead to Tsukune taking Moka's rosary off, and she owns the lizard dudes. More mushy lovey-dovey stuff, and Tsukune's harem increase in size again.

Wading through all the ecchi moments, this is yet another introduction episode, and I must say, a loli witch voiced by Rie Kugiyama ending her sentences with desu all the time easily makes Yukari a fan favorite. Having said that, there is still one more girl left, so it will be interesting to see what archetype she falls under and what fetishes she caters to :Q~~ Shin out.

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