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Spice and Wolf – 02

Well, excuse me for being virgin.

Seeking shelter from the heavy rain en route to their destination, Horo and Lawrence find themselves taking refuge at church. Drenched in rainwater, the pair head into a room to change. For once, our hero actually takes notice he is in the presence of an extremely gorgeous wolf girl, whom will not think twice about being in the buff with a guy. Of course, his reaction to such a magnificent sight was predictable, as he shys away sheepishly like a little kid, talking rots to keep himself distracted. Sigh.

Horo and Lawrence then proceed to the fireplace to warm up, where they meet a vineyard owner with his wife. Being a merchant himself, Lawrence engages into a deep economic discussion regarding a sophisticated new trading system, called bartering (cue ooohs and aahhhs) Overhearing their conversation is Zeiren, a youngster who befriends Lawrence. He also attempts to take a better a look at Horo, who is wearing a cloak to conceal her appearances. She utters some sort of weird anecdote regarding a woman's back, which makes him decide not to pursue the subject.

Back in their room, Horo and Lawrence share a light-hearted chatter about the differences between wolves and humans. The mood suddenly turns serious when he asks is she is able to tell if someone is lying. She cheekily replies him, and taking Horo's word for it, Lawrence then asks whether or not the youngster earlier on was lying about his so-called story cum business proposal. She confirms what he already doubted earlier, and hits the mark again stating his curiosity as to why the youngster would do so in the first place.

Regardless, Lawrence takes up on Zeiren's deal and heads to the designated meeting point the next morning. On the way, he and Horo once again talk about wolves and humans, when she suddenly touches on a sensitive topic. She reveals to him the reason wolves attack humans in the wild, which upsets Lawrence, as he recalls a similar incident in the past. He angrily tells Horo to stop. Puzzled by his aggresive reaction, Horo is ridden with guilt and stays silent for the time being. As penance, she lets him a little more on her past, and on her anxiety when dealing with human presence back then. Just as Lawrence was about to ask if she had also attack humans back then, Horo stops him in his track, saying it was something she could not reply him. He apologizes to her, to which she quickly accepts, as they were now even.

Interesting episode, as conflict emerges in the form of the shady youth who approached Lawrence on the lucrative dealings. Also worth noting is Horo's frailty, despite being a god, as she has her own fears and doubts too. Of course, seeing her naked before a blushing Lawrence keeps shallow people like myself happy. Staying true to her original intentions, Horo manages to bring form of fortune to him, as people seem to go to Lawrence with business opportunities, although how it will turn out is anybody's guess. Shin out.

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  1. Are you going to copypasta this or do I have to write my own? >_>;;

  2. lol for are-are right? XD

  3. I see you’ve already gone ahead. By all means.

  4. Now, about that Bamboo Blade 13…

  5. Watching Horo stroking her tail is strangely…erotic, for some reason. Og god, I’m turning abnormal, am I ^^.

  6. Nope, perfectly fine. I too, have already become furry for Horo ._.

  7. your easily susceptible to these things. lol

  8. ‘Well, excuse me for being virgin.’

    Honto ni, Shin? :P

  9. I doubt my losing it to my left hand counts?

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