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Rosario + Vampire – 02

It's difficult typing all this with one hand you know...

Tsukune finally manages to adjust himself to the way of life of being a student at the highschool solely meant for monsters and demons. Somewhat. With rumors of Tsukune having defeated Komiya Saizou(the orc) and Moka always beside him, our hero has become the envy of the entire school. Because of this, he's inadvertly become the prime target of a suspicious person.

Having run away from Moka after the she once again helped herself to his blood, Tsukune encounters a beautiful girl by the riverside, seemingly in distress. Holy shit, that's one big pair of jugs. Anyway, the pair return to school and just as Tsukune is about to leave her, the girl playfully rubs herself against him and puts some sort of charm on him with her eyes. Moka stumbles upon the pair although with further hypnosis from Kurumu, Tsukune dismisses the former and they all return to class.

Right after lessons, Kurumu confronts Moka and issues a challenge. She reveals to the latter on her grand plan of turning all the boys in school into her love slaves. However, Moka, being a nuisance as the guys fell for her instead, Kurumu declares that she is going to steal Tsukune away from her. Right on cue, the harem lead arrives at the scene and through Kurumu's gaze once again, he hurts Moka's feelings by saying that he is nothing but just breakfast to her, leaving the latter running away in tears.

Kurumu draws Tsukune to the infirmary where she comforts him and at the same time gloating at the so-called victory she gained over Moka. We then see a depressed and confused Moka alone, unsure of what she truly feels about Tsukune. Suddenly, Moka's rosary activates and begins speaking to her about how Kurumu's powers has put Tsukune into submission and that eventually his powers will drained away till the point of death. The rosary tells Moka to hurry before it's too late.

Returning to the infirmary, and just like a scene from an eroge after the player has gained sufficient points to trigger the ero sequence, Kurumu comes onto Tsukune seducing him even further, attempting to kiss him. Just like every typical male lead out there, Tsukune rejects her advances. Kurumu is angered by his insolence and reverts to her true form, a succubus, about to kill him, although Moka arrives in time to stop her. Kurumu strangles Tsukune with her tail and takes off, with Moka in tow.

Due to the sheer weight, Kurumu loses control and both Tsukune and Moka fall onto the ground. Just as Kurumu is about to deal the finishing blow, Tsukune manages to remove the rosary around Moka's neck, conjuring Vampire Moka. Despite having such a fearsome foe before her, Kurumu refuses to give in, as she reveals that her race's survival depends on her mission to enslave men, as they search for the Destined One. Moka pays no heed and quickly defeats the succubus. The tables have turned and just as Moka decides to finish her off, Tsukune steps in to stop her, claiming Kurumi isn't such a bad girl after all. The next day, on the way to school, Moka and Tsukune shares an intimate moment until Kurumu butts in, saying that she has decided that Tsukune will be her Destined One after all, much to chagrin as the two girls fight for his attention.

And with that, the second episode ends with an introduction and addition of a new girl to Tsukune's harem. Still in the early phases of the show, yet another character will be brought in next week, and I assume this will persist until every girl is introduced. With apparently only 13 episodes, I wonder how they are going to manage all that and start the story proper, as it still looks like highschool harem anime, despite the fact I was told that the plot thickens later. Having said that, I'm enjoying this show so far, as it serves as this season's Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun, meaning it's all about the fanservice and there's no real need to ponder about the story in general. Looking forward to this. Shin out.

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  1. Awesome anime!! Love this!

  2. Loli witch voiced by Rie Kugiyama next week ^^

  3. @Shin

    errr… I think you’re referring to the “Ice Woman” the one who voiced the loli witch is Koyama Kimiko =__=

  4. Ah, my bad. Thanks for the correction, I didn’t bother checking the credits and just accepted what I was told ^^;

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