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Originally planned to blog on Clannad 13, but looks like Eclipse's running a little late. So here's some Kazuya Kuroda artwork.

I already came by the 5th image, so I'm keeping the rest for some other time. Yes, this is a filler post lawl.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Great pics!
    Do you know where png files with transparent images like these are being distributed?

  2. With Kazuya Kuroda artwork scarce as it is, the only other place that has his stuff would be

    The only other useful info I can tell you is that he does these Shimahokke artbooks, which apparently most of the art you see come from. I’ll post more if I ever come across any ><

  3. I hope Eclipse will be running late every week from now on.

    bakaneko’s last blog post..What does it take to kill an anime character?

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