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Rosario​ +​ Vampire​ – 01​

I am, I am!


  • Nana Mizuki
  • Nana Mizuki singing the OP and ED
  • Nana Mizuki saying the word kappuchu~


  • lawl Gonzo
  • QUALITY animation
  • Forced fanservice

Gonzo's offering this winter, Rosario + Vampire takes on the tried and tested high school life formula and touches it up with some supernatural elements intertwined with loads of fanservice. So far so generic. Seeing as how Gonzo has disappointed me with Boobanaut, I almost wanted to give this a miss until I found out that Nana Mizuki was going to be involved.

Tsukune Aono is an ordinary teenager who has failed his high school entrance exams. Fortunately for him, his dad picks up a brochure for a high school that would accept the likes of him. The catch is however, it is a school meant for demons and monsters, a fact that almost has him shitting his pants. On the plus side, he meets Akashiya Moka, a beautiful girl who is actually a vampire. She is able to keep her human form by wearing the rosary around her neck.

Despite being human, Tsukune finds himself being able to blend in with relative ease, as all students are required to take their human forms during school. Still the shock of being in a such a place was too much for Tsukune to bear, so he attempts to flee, only to find only the school bus only comes once a month to pick up students. Oh you're so screwed now.

To make matters worst, a school delinquent targets both Tsukune and Moka for some unknown reason. Anf then suddenly, Tsukihime! The rosary around Moka's neck comes off, and she transforms into her alter ego, an S-class Vampire or a True Ancestor if you will, for TYPE-MOON fags lawl, but of course, comparing Moka to Arcuied would be an insult to the latter ^^; With that, Moka(who now looks A LOT like Maya Natsume but with red eyes) pawns the thug and both she and Tsukune become close friends. All this within a day. Right.

That is pretty much what Rosario + Vampire is all about, which is to say, nothing special. Still, it's a decent time-killer show, and the fact Nana Mizuki is in it sweetens the deal. The fanservice while always welcomed, is a tad gratuitious, but complaining about it would be hypocritical. I'll most likely continue watching this, although I might not be covering it, since I don't expect this to be plot heavy, but we'll see. Shin out.

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  1. this anime is kool !!

  2. Nana Mizuki makes anything cool!

    Maybe except for Mokke ._.

  3. great anime…..i already became a fan

  4. I especially like how Moka’s bust size increases after she changes into her true form lawl.

  5. Awesome anime!!! Can’t wait for next episode!!

  6. Gonzo please don’t fuck this up ._.

  7. darkstalkers high school XD
    needs some lei lei

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