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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ – 01


The one thing about being blind in a harem anime is that you're very likely to set yourself up into various awkward fanservice-y moments and is most likely going to get away with it. That pretty much sums up the premise of this eroge turned anime series.

Hirose Takuma, unlike other protagonists, is blind. The reasons for his lack of vision is unknown, although we do know it wasn't something he was born with. Another thing to note in H2O is the fact that one of the heroines is a victim of (physical) bullying. The last time I've seen this occured was in Yume Miru Kusuri, but unlike in the game, the female in question, Hayami, is a tsundere. I'd assume that a tsundere would be tough enough to handle her aggressors, but that isn't the case here as she doesn't even attempt to defend herself nor suffer any case of low self esteem due to it.

Anyway back to our main lead. He transfers to the same school as Hayami and is already popular among the ladies(dur). All the archetypes are introduced here, be it the shy and clumsy class president or the pompous self proclaimed beauty of a loli. The only ones that interest me thus far is Hayami of course, since she's Tsundere, and Otoha, a mysterious girl who claims to be some sort of spirit and refers Takuma as "The Chosen One" Also there's this Hamaji person, who looks like a pretty hot girl, only that she's not, which is of course still hot ^^;

And thus, Takuma starts his first day in school although it doesn't go smoothly, as he discovers first hand on how Hayami distances herself from the rest of her peers, and ends up being the prime target for Yui(the arrogant loli)'s bullying. Like any other good male lead, he tries to build a good rapport with Hayami, and obviously enough, she brushes him off like your typical Tsundere, but not without showing her softer side first.

Takuma laments on how he is unable to help Hayami due to his disability, and on the same night, Otoha comes to him in his dreams and grants him a gift of momentary sight. As it is only temporary, she tells him to make the most of it, and so, like a prologue to a visual novel, the path to all the heroine's route is laid out before him with the choices in actions entirely up to the player him.

Not bad for a first episode, and with quite a number of unanswered questions, I guess I'll be sticking to this for the time being, to find out reasons behind Takuma's blindness and Hayami's unwillingness to mix with other people, subjecting herself to physical abuse. As a show that claims to able to "rock my soul", H2O for now only manages to intrigue, as I guess the "soul rocking" portion of the story will be later, so fingers crossed I won't lose interest midway, as I did with Kimikiss orz. Shin out.

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