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Best Anime Of 2007


The results for the top 100 best anime of 2007 are in, and here are what the Japanese think, as reported by Yahoo Japan.

For the full list, head over here. Haha, oh wow, just looking at the list is enough to make me facepalm. I mean I like sola and Lucky Star, but top two? Lawlwut? Epic shows like Gurren Lagann are given a paltry 13th spot, while Nodame Cantabile is number 25. Oh well, I was never able to see eye to eye with the Elevens when it comes to popularity listings, Saimoe being a good example, so I guess no surprise here as well.

Posted by Shin

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  1. Oh man
    1.) Rozen Maiden wut
    2.) Lucky Shit

  2. Sola is the only anime that i have watched from that list.. lol :D

  3. Wtfux? Not even Lucky Star? D:

  4. What the? O_O
    How could gurren lose to Nanoha? >..<

    Lol at 11′s XD

  5. The fact GL is not among the top 3 already shows this poll sucks >_>


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