Atarashii Prelude


Higurashi​ no​ Naku​ Koro​ ni​ Kai​ – 24


After finally reaching town, Tomitake manages to contact Tokyo and the Banken unit is sortied. Simply put, the Bankens are like pros as opposed to the Yamainus who are noobs when it comes to combat.

We turn our attention to Takano and the remaining(and disorientated) Yamainu forces, who manages to find Rika and the rest of the gang. However, the Yamainu leader Okonogi is already on the verge of giving up, so he gives the the order for his troops to disperse and surrender, much to Takano's dismay.

When questioned, Okonogi tells Takano it is already over and adds insult to injury, by saying that no one actually cared about her grandfather's research in the first place and that her sponsors have been using her for political gain. He offers her a gun with a single bullet to do what is necessary.

Takano flees, only to chance upon Hanyuu who is in her deity mode. Hanyuu offers Takano a chance at salvation, but the latter refuses and threatens to shoot someone. She orders Mion to step up, being the leade, to take responsibility. The unfazed Mion gallantly offers to take the shot, only to have Hanyuu intervene. Takano fires the gun, only to miss, at point blanc range. Immediately after, the Banken surrounds Takano and puts her under arrest. Tomitake arrives just in time and instead orders them to put her in the institution for suspicion of having contracted the Hinamizawa disease. The anguished Takano cries and embraces him.

The Watanagashi festival goes as planne, and for the first time in a millennium, Rika manages to wake up to a new day, with everyone surviving. Rika has finally found her Best End.

In the prologue, we are taken back to the time when Takano was still a child on her way to her friend's place to play. She bumps into a mysterious woman with long purple hair who asks her if she had wanted to live or die. After being presented with the outcomes, Miyoko(Takano's real name) decides to instead to follow her parents, which we know lead to disaster. However, just after the fated incident, we see Miyoko safe and sound, adding another flag to her collection. The mysterious woman smiles. That woman is Rika.

After putting up with 49 episodes plot twists, cliffhangers and bad ends, we are finally presented with the true end, with was satisfying to say the least. Although I expected the final battle against Takano to be slightly more epic, it was still okay, despite the fact the Yamainus fell to Home Alone styled traps. In any case the last bit with Rika going back in time to give Takano a happy ending was nicely done, giving the series an excellent closure. Fortunately for us, there will be a third season on the way, as early as next year, possibly containing side stories as well as the PS2 only route. Shin out.

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  1. HAHAHAH Takano Miyoko FTW, one of my favorite character in the series.

  2. Her droopy eyes are too hot to resist, despite being a crazy bitch. Glad to see they even gave her a happy ending.

  3. Just FYI, that wasn’t Rika at the end. That was Frederica Bernkastel, a different, though related person.

  4. Really? Guess it’s time for me to head over to Animesuki to finally read those tips cum spoilers to understand the entire plot.

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