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Bamboo Blade – 10

Having wanted to review this a long time ago, I've refrained from doing so due to laziness unknown reasons. But seeing as my God has smiled upon this series to create a doujin based on it, I've decided to pay due respects and do a write up on Bamboo Blade. If you don't already know, Bamboo Blade is a series which talks about this down and out teacher who forms an all-girl kendo team, initially to win a bet with his senior. Having succeeded in doing so, the teacher, by the name of Kojirou realizes that there is more to it than just winning bets, so he takes his team all the way by participating in the regionals. Even more so, as he loses his job after having an argument with the superintendent's wife's neighbor(don't ask) with winning the the competition the only path for salvation.

In this episode, Kojirou returns home to visit his parents who is now running a convenient mart. While helping out, he reminiscences on his youth, wondering where his will to defy all odds has gone to. There and then he makes a decision to fight back.

Meanwhile, Miyako(or Miya-Miya as she is lovingly knowned) finds herself being stalked by her old middle school friend, Reimi, and is extremely afraid of her for some reason. Tamaki finally receives her pay from working at the gift shop, and instead of spending it on the DVD boxset which she so desired, she bought a birthday present for her father, after being prompted by Miyako who forget about her boyfriend, Danjuro(Dan-kun)'s birthday.

The following day, Kojirou wakes up early and rushes off to school as it was the day for the regional meet qualifiers. Without so much of breaking a sweat, Tama-chan makes short work of all her opponents, much to the delight of Kojirou, while the rest of his team did pretty well, save for Yuuji who crashed out in the first round after being paired with a national level exponent. Team captain Kirino, who isn't due for a match until the team matches, is informed of a potential member by the name of Azuma, who is none other than the meganekko who appeared in the previous episode.

Kojirou who is still troubled by the fact his team lacks a member is informed on the the potential member, although Kirino, suffering from apparent short term memory loss, forgets her name wwww.

Not too bad an episode I guess, as it was interesting to note that Reimi is the daughter of the old bitch which Kojirou had an argument with. Hopefully, Azuma will join the club by next episode just in time for the meet, as apparently she is a very skilled exponent, although whether or not comparable to Tama-chan remains to be seen. On a side note, Taka Tony has just announced his Bamboo Blade doujin due for Comiket 73, so prepare for epic fappings when it gets released ^^ Shin out.

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