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Shugo Chara


This is a magical girl show by Peach Pit and it shows. The main character has a gothic lolita fashion sense and there is a green object that utters "Desu" at the end of almost every sentence lawl.

Hinamori Amu is a 5th grader is a misunderstood loner who is popular in school for the wrong reasons. While her outer disposition is that of a rebellious coo-dere, she is actually a sweet and shy person inside. Due to her inability to express her true feelings, she is well known throughout school as that "cool and spicy" girl who is capable of virtually anything. However, her fame has left her unable to socialize normally with the rest of her classmates.

Wishing that she would have the courage to show her true self, Amu is granted 3 "character eggs" each being able to materialize into human form, representing the different personalities within her:



The first of Amu's guardians is an athletic and honest Shugo Chara who livens up any situation with her outgoing and straightforward persona.



Possessing an artistic flair, Miki is a manifestation of Amu's talented and tomboyish nature.



This Shugo Chara is all about the moe and homemaking abilties within Amu . Ends sentences with "desu", hence her name.

Through these guardians, Amu is able to transform to her mahou shoujo side, greatly enhancing her traits with a change in personality, to which she uses to dispose of the X eggs, character eggs within people which has been overwhelmed with negative thoughts. As if she hasn't have her hands full battling against the manifestations of these X eggs, there is also the problem of mysterious villains that are out to influence people to unleash their X eggs, in hopes of finding an embryo that is said to grant any wishes. Luckily for Amu, she has the help of the Guardians, which comprises of the 4 members of the student society, each with their own Shugo Charas as well.

Having marathoned through all the available episodes in one sitting, I must say that I enjoy this light hearted magical girl series, after the disappointmet that was StrikerS. Speaking of StrikerS, one of the villains in the show is voiced by Nana Mizuki, who is also the seiyuu for Fate as well, which makes it all the more enticing for me. Having said that, this show is good in its own right, flowing at a good pace with a decent, albeit sometimes cliched plot but does it without shoving the cuteness down your throat. Apart from the adorable Amu(whom I often forget is only 10 years old) it also has a delicious trap(apparently) and a catboy(which I've not seen since that gay shit Loveless), so it has something for everyone and is a nice departure from the other genres this Autumn.

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