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Japan To Solve Union Jack Problem?


The Union Jack should be redesigned and combined with the Welsh flag, according to one Labour MP, to represent Wales's "true place in the Union"

Following an invitation for Telegraph readers to submit their designs, a broad range of interesting suggestion were sent in.

At first most of the readers' flags were sent from within the UK, but then a Japanese website offered to help.

"We heard the news of the Union Jack problem," they wrote.

"We believe that our new ideas will help."
The name of that Japanese website? Why, it's 2ch of course! Screencap of the original thread below:


Personally I love the design featuring Louise, but 4chan has come up with something equally cool:


Lawl. Then again;

Not everyone was keen on the idea of redesigning the flag.

Conservative MP Stewart Jackson said: "I believe this is an eccentric proposal, although well meaning.

But Margaret Hodge, the culture minister, said: "I do acknowledge the comments on the Union flag and the need for Wales to be represented - I think a valid point has been raised."

She said that, although there were no current plans to redesign the flag, she was aware that some people did not feel that it was representative.


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