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Kimikiss Pure Rogue – 01


Kiss kiss koishiteru yo!

Along with the Autumn season of "Harem" animes, a rather different sort of harem anime was brought to us - Kimikiss Pure Rouge. Unlike most other animes where the story evolves around a single male character, Kimikiss pairs the girls up with different guys and slowly unfolds more of the story.


A mysterious, innocent looking, beautiful girl looking into your house?

The show starts with a mysterious beautiful girl ringing the door bell of Sanada Kouichi's home. Just awoken from bed he walks down to find a girl looking in. Quickly seeing him she yells out for him to help her with her luggage then makes herself at home getting a drink from the refrigerator. Kouichi unable to understand whats going on played along as he tries to figure out who she is. She then jumps in for a shower while while he sits outside clueless of who she is! Just then, Kouichi's best friend Aihara Kazuki appears at the doorstep shocked after hearing a girl's voice from the shower! As Kouichi tries to explain himself, Kazuki and the mysterious girl caught a good look at each other and Kazuki quickly recalls who she is! This mysterious yet beautiful girl happened to be Mizusawa Mao, a childhood friend of both Kouichi and Kazuki who moved to france 2 years ago! Kouichi's mom then arrives home and explains that Mao will be staying with the Sanada's from then on! Kazuki then quickly reminds Kouichi of their meeting with a school mate Hiiragi Akira for a short movie filming for the club promotion.


Shocked to hear a girls voice from the shower of your best friend's home?


Finally recognizing each other?

They began shooting the movie ( rather childish one, no clue why they'd film something like this to promote their club -_- lame!) and there were a few humorous scenes. Returning from that outing Kouichi and Kazuki had a good chat. Kazuki explains how he wanted to get a girl friend by the summer holidays while Kouichi practically threw a bucket of water in his face. Returning home after a long day, Kouichi tries to get some sleep. However, Mao comes in dragging him up to accompany her due to her jet-lag.


What kind of person would make this their club's recruitment video?


Determination isn't everything! Or is it?

Waking up the next morning, Kouichi and Mao both finding themselves absolutely exhausted due to the lack of sleep meets up with Kazuki and his sister Nana on their way to school. Short moments of reunion between Nana and Mao. Apparently Nana will also be attending the same school as the trio! Arriving at school, they checked for which classes they've been allocated in. Kazuki and Kouichi were again in the same class. However, what interest Kouichi was to find Hoshino Yuumi in the same class as well! After a short preview of Kouichi's class, the story then splits off to talk about Mao's day at school. Mao made a few friends in class despite it being only the first day. However, she seems to find the guy sitting next to her, Kai Eji most interesting.


Sakino also in Kouichi's and Kazuki's class.


Tsundere male ? o.O

Kouichi who lost in a simple game of paper,rock and scissors had to bring the costumes they used back to the drama club. On the other hand, Kazuki walking out of the school building picked up a paper-plane. Unfolding it to find it was a exam paper with Futami Eriko's name on it. Quickly switching back to Kouichi, Kouichi walks into a class room to meet Hoshino Yuumi cleaning the blackboard. She quickly runs out and when Kouichi called for her, she just simply smiled and said that they were both again in the same class. On the other side, Kazuki had trace the source of where the paper planes were being thrown from and went to the science lab finding Eriko sitting on a chair next to window. Futami Eriko (a girl with tons of mysteries whom i personally find most interesting has an IQ of 190) fails her exam paper with 0% on purpose. Much surprised that someone picked up her paper-planes and returned them, she proposed to conduct and experiment. And "BANG!"......


Nothing else better to say?


What kind of EXPERIMENT is this? Give it TO ME!!!!


An interesting girl indeed.

Kimikiss is now at the top of my list to watch for this season along with Myself, Yourself! Having much faith in this anime due to the many well-known seiyuu's.

Asuka Sakino by Ryou Hirohashi (Konata Izumi, Lucky Star)
Eriko Futami by Rie Tanaka (Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed)
Mitsuki Shijō by Mamiko Noto (Matsuri Shihō, Sola)
Yūmi Hoshino by Ami Koshimizu (Yuti Ra, Heroic Age)


Evern out.

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  1. Fapping to Mao and Eriko.

  2. Cant believe its already been a year since this show and i still remember how bad it was.

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