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Shakugan no Shana S2 – 01

With the start of a new season of anime releases, the autumn anime season kicks off with a ton of exciting and promising animes. Many call this the "Harem" Anime season due to the release of many fanservice/Harem animes! However, putting aside all the fanservice animes we also have a new season of Shakugan no Shana! An anime with much fans and fame has finally returned with a second season of Shakugan no Shana II(Second).

Shakugan no Shana Returns!

Shakugan no Shana Returns!


Something familiar from Season 1 ?

This season kicks off with a short flashback of what happened back in season one! However, they've put it in a way where Sakai Yuji experiences a unrestricted spell and enters in own dream. Thus, showing new viewers a short preview and also contributing to the current plot! Later on, Yuji reliazes that in this world only things that he knows of can occur while things he do not know off will not happen! Awaken from his dream, Yuji finds himself in the middle of a battle alongside Shana against a Guze no Tomugara. Apparently, the Tomugara has a Hougu with the ability to extract information from individuals and put anyone into a world consisting of the individual's information! Making this simple, the Tomugara is capable of placing people into others or their own dreams!Still lost in what just happened, Shana quickly kicks Yuji aside saving him from the enemy's attack! Without wasting much time, Shana slays the Tomugara and ended the battle.


Yuji realizes that he's in a world where only things he know of can occur.


MOE! Tomugara greeting Yuji as he awakens from his Déjà vu.

Although experiencing the Unrestricted Spell created by the Tomugara, Yuji is unable to recall what happened during the short moment in battle. Convinced that it wasnt anything to worry about, Yuji continues his day with Shana heading to school. Romance kicks in a little with some Comedy when Yuji questions Shana about what she said back in the "Serei Den" in season one's finale. And we get to hear Shana's motto "Urusai!Urusai!Urusai!!!" once again!


Shana and Yuji heads to school after the battle.


Shana escaping from Yuji's question.


" Urusai, Urusai, Urusai!!! "

Arriving at school, Yuji and Shana meets up with Yoshida and Ike. Shana is quickly reminded of her love rival Yoshida who is also after Yuji's heart. Shana vows again that she will not loose out! With much excitement already presented in season one, fans are expecting nothing less from this current season as well. What will Shana do to gain Yuji's love? Will she spill it again and this time so its clear and uninteruppted? Who's this Tomugara who continues to affect Yuji even after being slayed by Shana? How far stronger has Yuji become after the incident at Seirei-Den? All these are to be answered in the following episodes as fans impatiently await!


Denying it though her face tells another story? Lawl!


Is Yoshida-chan too much to handle?

Evern out.

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  1. :neutral: so much lovin’ shakugan no shana.

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