Atarashii Prelude


Gundam 00 – 02

Still at the introductory phase of the series, we are given some background information on the three key human factions, which include the Union, Human Reform League and the AEU respectively. After the announcement made by the Celestial Beings on their stance, the entire world is in an uproar due to the nature of their motives, which seemed too good to be true. Unperturbed by what others may think of their holy crusade to purge the planet of wars, the Celestial Beings sortie their Gundam Meisters to Ceylon(Sri Lanka) to intervene and put a halt to the conflict between the HRL and the Tamil rebels. Completing their mission with the utmost ease, the Meisters return to base, only to have Setsuna encounter a Union pilot by the name of Graham Acre who claims he has been captivated by Exia's existence, and seems to want to engage in combat.

A pretty decent episode, especially how they relate the show to current political events at present, namely the Sri Lankan conflict and the scene where the Union President talks about how they go to war to protect their country and profits which is somehow similar to some US foreign policy. Despite all that political stuff, they still manage to keep the show interesting, by slotting in some Gundam action in between, and as it was in the previous episode, these new breed of mobile suits are still without equal. It would be interesting to see if Graham can beat Setsuna, despite knowing what these Gundams are capable of. Serious matters aside, I wish they'd show more of that twintail girl I mentioned last week, Wan Ryūmin, as she is the only one I can rely on at this point to keep the yaoi-ness in check. Lawl. Shin out.

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