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Kawaii! JeNny – 01

Haha, oh wow. I was wondering what this was all about, and boy, did I end up speechless after watching this. Kawaii! JeNny is basically your every day magical girl series, featuring 3 girls with differing personalities and diverse backgrounds teaming up to battle evil. Pretty standard stuff if you ask me. And then you start watching it, which you'll get something like this. Meet Jenny, folks.

No, I capped the right show. Kawaii JeNny is a magical girl show featuring Barbie-like dolls, brought to you by them demented and twisted Elevens. As if that's not horrifying enough, everything in here looks so cheesy and cheap, I'm guessing it's something intentional on the producer's behalf, just for fun. But before you start brushing it off, it does have one redeeming factor though, which it is the fact that it features evil teddy bears in Nazi uniforms hell bent on stealing sweets. Hell yeah. Shin out.

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  1. Damn, how did I miss this one last year :P

    issa-sa’s last blog post..Spring 2008 Part 3 : It’s like longer than Parts 1 and 2 combined

  2. And to think I left this travesty behind me wwww

  3. Only manage to watch the 1st episode…it’s so damn funny

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