Atarashii Prelude


​Higurashi no ​Naku Koro ni ​Kai – ​13

This is it. The conclusion to one of the most important and intriguing arcs of the story; the Massacre chapter.After witnessing first hand how everyone tried so hard to help Satoko and determined to change fate, Rika garners enough courage and confidence to reveal everything, from the circumstances leading to her tragic death as well as the reason behind her murder. Could this chain of events never seen before in other resets be the impetus for Rika to defy destiny and finally obtain her happy ending? It was not to be.

Takano's plans go into full motion with her first victims being Tomitake and Iirie as always, but this time around, Oiishi too, met his untimely demise, which was surprising to say the least, since he had always survived every arc before this. With the obstacle that would have most likely exposed her plans out of the way, Takano sorties the YamaInus to capture Rika. Fortunately, Satoko and Rika manage to elude them for the time being, although not for long. Just as they were about to be captured, Keiichi, Rena, Mion and Shion, who had earlier left for home, showed up in the nick of time and incapacitated their oppressors.

After managing to take out a fair number of YamaInus, the gang's plan of escape came to a grinding halt, when Takano appeared out of nowhere and shot Keiichi, killing him. From there, everything went into a downward spiral, as each of Rika's allies were cut down one by one, killed by Takano personally in cold blood.

After everyone has been eliminated, with Rika being the sole survivor, Takano was about to capture Rika to perform the sacrificial ritual when she was stopped by the latter, asking for Takano to do it without sedating her, so the image of her final moments and the revelation that Takano was the true villain would be burned into her memories, so she could bring it with her to the next reset.

And so, as it was with the every reset before this, Rika meets her doom, but just before she is killed, ghosts of her best friends come to greet her, apologizing and lamenting that they could have done better to avoid this tragedy. Rika bears no grudges towards her comrades and instead thanks them for being there for here until the end.

We are taken to the afterlife, where the disheartened Rika, again talks about giving up once again, despite everything that was done, when she was interrupted by her friends who were also there. Rena then tells Rika the reason the miracle did not occur was because they were still not united, and the one member that should have joined them was none other than Hanyuu, who after all these times, finally agrees to fight fate to the very end as well. Rika then tells everyone that they will meet again in the next world, where they will RAW RAW FIGHT THE POWER! DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, SEE THE INVISIBLE! RAW RAW FIGHT THE POWER!

Returning to the living plane, we see Takano and her YamaInus quarantining the rest of the Hinamizawa population and executing them there after, thus completing Takano's plan for ascension to deityhood and another bad end for everyone.


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