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Fall Anime Starting!

Despite the high piles of anime consuming my external HDD space need attention, these few titles caught my attention after reading a few blogs' entry on it, particularly hashime.

Basically, I would love to run through all the anime titles because yuu never know until yuu try it. However, it is impossible. Not to mention summer, even the spring season anime or the last year's one are still pending. *Z0MG*

Anyway, with reference to hashime's entry, here's a few titles I would love to watch:


Ever since Ghost Hunt, I had been going after any anime that is spiritual-related eg. ~ayakashi~ Japanese Classic Horror, TMGK, Shounen Onmyouji. Therefore I'm not going to let go of this one. Plus, this is a Madhouse production and I pretty fancy Kawasumi Ayako (Saber in FSN, Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, Rurippe in Gatekeepers).

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

New Gundam Series with lots of bishies. Reminds me alot of Gundam Wing. I love bishies, thus I don't see a reason why I'm not watching this. :P


I wanna watch anything produced by Visual Art's/Key. This time, KyoAni takes part in the production as well. I just love music by Key particularly those from AIR - because I haven't finish watch Kanon yet. ^^;;

You're Under Arrest!: Full Throttle

This really makes me feel nostalgic! The second season (I didn't get to watch first season though) aired on AXN many years back was one of my favourite. Seriously, I thought that was the last and never had expect a third installment. Gonna watch it to find out what's more with Miyuki and Natsumi.

For the time being, this 4 series would suffice. I would pick up a few more titles as the series started airing and the chances of me watching more is subjected to time, HDD space and fansubs availability.


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