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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – 05

Right before the show starts we have a spoof of Columbia Productions. Wow.

Physical examinations are underway at school, and as usual the girls are fretting over increased weighing scale values and *ahem* the three sizes. So they’re comparing numbers and contemplating diet plans, when Itoshiki-sensei walks in and tells them off for worrying about physical appearance, because everything will eventually crumble away.


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Right. Moving on, Despair-san realizes that the materialistic world of today has left him in despair (what else is new), and promptly announces to the class of an ‘examination of their status’, aka a measure of your calibre as a human being. Basically he’s talking about judging people from their inner values instead of their outward appearance, albeit with the usual negative outlook and well….weird aspects.

For example Despair-san comments that many people do things that are not appropriate based on their status. Eg a neet making fun of other neets or showing your midriff when you’ve got a huge belly. Stuff like that.


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So he then ‘examines’ each student to check if they’re living according to their status, which is pretty ridiculous, as demonstrated by lend-me-10000-yen interrogation with the balding guy student.

Unfortunately, Class Rep-san catches the bug and quickly turns everyone’s lives into hell by making sure they don’t live above their status. This means paper bags over brand-name bags, 70-character Chara Mail over 10000-character message-capable phones and photocopies over glossy hardcover manga. Whew. And oh she throws it at their heads. Calls for both rofl and OTL moments.

After the tatami oppression, Despair-san realises living according to your status is perhaps not as pleasant after all, and proceeds to do the opposite- splurge and live like a celebrity so he can die like a celebrity.(Breathe if this is not making any sense to you.)


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After spending extravagantly on the finest woman and wine, he tries to drown himself in a bowl of Dom Perignon but fails because…there was not enough Dom Perignon to drown in. Right. The ‘finest woman’ comes in and passes him the bill for his brief exorbitant expenditures, and Despair-san is shocked to death at how much it costs to die. Class Rep-san wields a chopping knife Higurashi/Rena style and says ‘it doesn’t cost a penny.’ End of first half.

(I am making so much effort to remember all their names XD)

In the next part, Despair-san wins a trip to the hot spring. After all what anime is complete without the obligatory hot spring scene/episode? Topped with fanservice or course. And… prizes for guessing….he meets his (female, of course) students at the other side of the hot spring.


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The divider falls *gasp* and now everyone is in full view of each other. Instead of shielding their bodies the girls don’t mind if ‘sensei looks’, on the other hand it is the otoko who is embarrassed at being naked. Thus, he feels less like a man. *patpat*


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The girls are there because after receiving the results of the physical examination, they decided to ‘detox’, or eliminate toxins. Despair-san immediately gets up from the bath because it is apparently not good to ‘detoxify’ oneself.

Indeed, upon rising from the bath, all the girls seem to have lost their ‘toxic’ nature and are much more well, untoxic. Blonde overseas girl loses her ‘I’ll sue’ nature, meru meru girl sends a message without it’s usual toxicity, tail girl’s wounds heal etc. Everyone’s a lot nicer now, but instead of being happy Despair-san is all freaked out because he’s not used to seeing his harem girls like this.


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He orders the landlady to fix up a meal filled with preservatives and additives to retoxify the girls, and lo and behold it works. Minna-san is just as toxic as they were before. Despair-san heaves a sigh of relief. All’s well that ends well.

Elsewhere school counsellor and hikikomori-san were having their own moments…*coughyuricough*


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BUT the girls decide to see what happen if they detoxify Despair-san, and throw him into the hot spring. Rising to the surface is….only his clothes. It appears that he was so toxin-laden, one detoxified there was literally nothing of him left. Aww.


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No new characters were introduced this time, perhaps they’ve shown all of them. Despite the wtf-humour and pencil-thin plotline I still find SZS highly entertaining, and it’s not solely because of the parodies. I absolutely adore the meru meru girl, there’s just something about the silent but abusive girl that makes me wanna be her friend (even though she’d probably spam me with hate meru first XD). Can’t wait for the next ep which, unfortunately, is taking a while. D: midniteblu out.

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  1. Now that everyone has been introduced, the latest episodes seem to feature a whole lot more fanservice than ever before, which isn’t a bad thing, of course. ^^

  2. eto….lawl? ^^U Im not too big on fanservice itself, as long as it spices up the show a bit.

    Where is the next ep afk….T_T

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