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Rebuild of Evangelion

Image source: Wikipedia.

I just have to write about this coming soon movie (not the live action) right after reading about it at Memento and watching the trailer at Youtube despite the packed schedule. :P Yes, I know I am very out-dated but seriously, I haven't been updating myself much with these news and info.

The first movie of the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy releasing on 1st of September 2007 in Japan is EVANGELION:1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE. Upon watching the trailer here, I actually didn't see much difference from the series. Of course the graphic is more advanced with the usage of 3D and the artwork looked more refined.

Most of the scenes looked exactly the same as the series to me and I seriously couldn't tell if there's any difference because the last time I watched the series was like about 9 to 10 years back? Then, I read somewhere that the first movie comprises of the first few episodes of the series. Only then I realized that Kaworu was in the trailer. If the first episode is somewhat the introduction of the series, Kaworu was brought in very early here. Which means, the plot could be different from the original.

Besides that, I guess the design of the EVAs and Angels would be slightly different. I am not too sure about the EVAs but on Wikipedia, a picture of EVA01 from the trailer was put up and described as the new look. As for the Angels, according to Memento here (scroll down to the comments), the design of the 4th Angel, Shamshel is different.

I don't see any sign of Asuka therefore I am expecting her to appear only in the second movie which (according to Wikipedia) will be released next year.

The cast consists of the original seiyuus that voiced the characters in the original series.

The theme song is Beautiful World by Utada Hikaru and the remix of Fly Me to the Moon. I didn't really like it when I initially heard the new remix when it was first released. However, I had gotten used to it by now and kinda like the jazzy tune but... I still prefer the original version by Hayashibara Megumi! ^^;;

I wanted to include the trailer here but the coding for the embeded object doesn't seems to work. Anyway, go watch the first trailer on Youtube and the third on Memento.

- gaiden

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  1. I love the new Fly me to the moon and Cruel Angels Thesis (sung by Rei’s loli voice, lol). Can’t wait for the first part to be released, is it really coming out on 1st september?

  2. O.o there’s such version? I mean by Rei’s loli voice?

    The new Fly me to the Moon – 2007 remix is by Hikki. =)

    Yes, it’s really coming out on 1st September in Japan. Yuu can check the releasing date on the official website >> Official Site =)

  3. Did someone say loli? Link now!

  4. The AD 2001 version.

    Dunno la, Rei/Hayashibara Megumis voice sounded kinda loli to me XD Or maybe i have to wrong impression of loli lawl
    The new one has better bass tho. :D

  5. ^ what is this A.D. 2001 ver. about? for the live action movie of Evangelion? i seriously do not know about this version. hahah! ^^;;;

  6. Ano…its basically a newer version of Cruel Angels Thesis. The song is the same just its sung by Rei/HayaMegu. I think it’s for the movie thats coming out not the live action…eto but Im not too sure.

    Where can I get Utada Hikarus ‘Beautiful World’ T_T can’t find it anywhere. The song was used in the third Eva trailer (as seen on Memento)
    Love the song. :)

  7. I really hope in upcoming movies for the Rebuild tetralogy, they would tweak the plot and feature more of Unit-03 (The Black one that belongs to Toji).

    Toji is such a cool guy and Black Eva is awesome T_T Hope to see more of them.

  8. It might be. Reading from Memento, it showed that the first of the tetralogy had combined some part/scenes from the later episodes.

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