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Umisho – 06

While it may not win any awards whatsoever, Umisho can best be described as this season's guilty pleasure, as admittedly, fanservice really dictates the flow of this show, but whatever. This week we're introduced to the latest addition to the swimming team, who comes in a form of a haughty celebrity hottie by the name of Nanako Maaya. We quickly discover that she's also Kaname's childhood friend, and while this anime archetype usually means the protagonist(Kaname) would have had fond memories with her(Maaya), it doesn't ring true this time around.

Emm, delicious gradient hair.

What she remembers.

What probably really happened.

Not me. :)

As expected, Maaya, the two time middle school champion stirs up trouble at the club with her diva attitude, much to the annoyance of Orizuka, although the boys, save for Kaname, were mesmerized by Maaya's charms. Look out for the Code Geass reference when Maaya Geass'es the males into building a private changing room for her.

Shit really hits the fan when the the storage room/boy's changing room collapses after Maaya smacks the wall(what?) and probably also due to the Captain's sudden "renovation" on it. With no other place to change, the girl's changing room is put at stake in a between the boys and girls, with the winner obtaining full rights to it. The captain then interrupts the match and declares that if he were to win, everyone would have to strip outside instead. Lawl.

Oh you, Shizuoka-senpai!

Hard to say. Shizuoka, perhaps?

Wise words indeed. Just don't try what he did.

It all keeps tumbling down.

With no clear winner due to outside intrusion, Maaya is then straightened out by Amuro who talks some sense into the brat. However Maaya is unfazed by it and kicks Amuro into the pool, which would probably mean we'll get to see more of this rivalry between the two in future episodes. Yup. Shin out.

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