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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS – 17

This episode pretty much makes up for the blandness of the past episodes, save the one when the Numbers first appeared. Scaglietti finally sorties every member of the Numbers and even Lutecia and company to launch a full scale assault on the TSAB headquarters. Going on any further would be spoiling this great episode, so I'll just post caps instead.


The highlight of this week's episode comes after a certain member of the Mobile Six Squadron is captured by the Numbers, triggering Subaru into Bankai mode, so to speak.


The real shocker however, it not Subaru's sudden burst of raw power, but what her battle with the Numbers will reveal, which is unexpected to say the least. Also, speaking of powerups, Caro finally summons the fabled Voltaire(cool name), which is no more than a Bahamut Zero ripoff, but hey, it's cool nonetheless.


With only 9 episodes to go, I hope they keep the pace up, which is what made A's so enjoyable in the first place and the one factor that set this series apart from other magical girl shows; awesome hot blooded mage battles. My boss was vying for a fanservice episode, but it's kinda too late now, which is sad fine I guess, that is of course if they maintain this and show us more intense fighting. Shin out.

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