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how do i gotten pwnt


If found to be genuine, the following is pretty much the epitome of divine retribution; as I've mentioned in my other post on how Odex have been going around busting downloaders, it would seem as though that they're slowly being suppressed into submission. A glimmer of hope comes in a form of some great detective work from the members of the Singapore based Hardware Zone forums, as they've managed to track down one of Odex's directors, Stephen Sing Xin Yang, who has carelessly left traces of himself gloating about his deeds.



The alleged posts by the head honcho himself.

And just like an episode of CSI, the evidences kept coming in, all leading to Mr Sing himself, everything from his contact details to his picture.


The most hated man in Singapore's anime community.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive. Preferbly dead, from the looks of it. Lawl.


As of posting, the reactions to this revelation are what you'd expect from the community, mainly disgust and disappointment at how a man who doesn't look any more different from your average otaku could do something like screwing his kind to that extent over money. Do visit that topic from time to time for more updates and such on this finding(hopefully it does not get deleted) Well in any case, if it does turn out to be true, Mr Sing is going to have great difficulty walking the streets of Singapore safely, as there might be some scornful otaku at the corners waiting to ambush him. The thought of it alone excites me. Shin out.

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  1. lol look like a freaking chee bye kia
    go ahead n spread this out to local media
    let them crash n burn baby

  2. don’t be too upset.. he’s a hentai even when his not sueing people… maybe he’s joking around…

    And he is not known to be sensitive…

  3. Wow, like how old is he? Looks and sounds like a 15-year-old kid ><”

  4. LOLOLOL this is interesting. I think a certain journalist needs a heads up on this…

  5. his face looks exactly like a fucktard who lose his virginity to a cow. god blast you Stephan Sing

  6. As an outsider, it’s interesting to see that not everyone from the local anime community approve of this finding. While the poster has a point, I really doubt the disgruntled fans would actually agree, regardless. =/

  7. that guy has issues and their dubbing sucks big time, i would rather play double for slightly better USA dubbing.

  8. Wow. I can’t believe this post boost up the blog stats! O.o

  9. I’ve finally gotten some work done for Odex, heh. Edited the Battle Athletes OVA script last week… and in the process, I found out why the Odex subs have been so bad. They don’t translate from the actual Japanese dialogue, apparently. They get a Chinese translation script from Taiwan or Hong Kong, and have their people translate from that into English, introducing a large number of translation errors in the process. Kanzaki Akari says “Sugoi!” in one memorable scene in the third episode of the OVAs, which their translators transmogrified into “The wind is so strong here!”. Talk about reading too much into a line.

    I just started on the Fushigi Yuugi OVA, the second one, and it seems the situation may be worse than I expected. They gave me an HKDVD to use as a reference, and it appears that in an amazing cost-saving move, they decided to copy the HK subs wholesale. Brilliant. It saves me a lot of work, though. I think.

    Once Fushigi Yuugi is done (9 episodes of shoujo madness) I get to start work on Vandread, which looks really promising. And speaking of good animes, I just finished watching Scryed. IT WAS AWESOME. ’nuff said.

  10. This is funny stuff! That Wanted poster rocks. :D

  11. Congratulations to the community of Hardwarezone for exposing the innards of Odex. Kind of puts a face to the menace.

  12. If this is really true…that would mean Singapore’s getting more and more corrupt day after day…it’s like another Durai case!

    Anyway, anyone wants ODEX’s logo? So that anyone can like make anything out of it? (eg. Anti-ODEX logo? :D )

  13. Wait….Stephen Sing is an otaku? o_O talk about betrayal…

  14. wth…. i actually tok to this bastard
    god… i’ve sinned

  15. Not surprised when he got whack outside by ppl.

  16. hey anyone here kena odex letter?
    wad to do ar?
    has anyone tried not paying?

  17. Confirm 生孩子没屁眼…

  18. Hmm… Are they ONLY targeting downloaders who download anime using the BitTorrent protocol for now?

    I think if you’ve received the Odex love letter, you should tell them you’re gonna consult your lawyers first. Give it some time. Don’t let stress/pressure get the better of you.

    I heard from Netizens that 1 guy got away with paying installments because of financial issues…
    Maybe you can try that jass?

  19. he looks like a retard… no wait… that’ll be insulting to retards around the world. shit.

  20. Omg he looks like a C**K totally worse than the AVERAGE otakus ok. comparing him to our average anime fan is an INSULT TO US.. freaking money grubbing self-righteous guy

  21. Post him on youtube

  22. post him on flickr also

  23. i cannot take it when he said nope me too busy sueing people

  24. No respect for intellectual property and copyright laws? Sillypore, as a society is still lagging so far behind.

    You want something? Pay for it… if Odex’s DVDs suck, there are other options to import. Sillypore is not restricted by region coding. Don’t give stupid excuses for being cheapskates and start blaming everyone but yourselves for resorting to the easy but illegal way out. You knew you were doing something illegal, now grow up and be responsible for your actions. If you think you are right and Odex is wrong, go ahead and fight them in court.

  25. lawl odex guy in da house?

  26. In before DDOS attack and wide-scale invasion from hackers on steroids. Someone’s gotta put this on Encyclopedia Dramatica for the lulz.

  27. Woot some people dunno the culture of anime I guess. How the anime get the chance to be licenced by company… Those are the work of fansubber introducing their Japanese language only anime to foreign anime fan… And that where they got popular and company start grabbing it to broadcast or sell vcd/dvd. And apparently Japanese side supported fansubber… But I believe many are like myself getting more worried about downloading unlicenced anime that got licenced by odex But no longer download them………

  28. wah….bery hansume le tis sing. hansume til i c riao bery de tulan on fire

  29. He even misspelled suing as ‘sueing’. MY GOODNESS. Been reading up on this whole Odex thing and really hoping that no one I know gets caught for this. Odex is really, really killing their future chances of any Singaporean anime fan ever buying from them again. Hey maybe that’s why they’re doing this…they realised that their products are of sub-par quality and there’s no future in this business. So they recoup losses by suing people who just wanted an anime fix that Odex didn’t provide. When fansubbers do better than a company that does it FOR A LIVING, you know that company can’t survive anyway.
    And to the ‘Odex sucks but so do you’ guy…don’t forget that not all are financially blessed as you seem to be, since you speak so easily of other import options. A lot of anime fans can’t afford to do this and what’s more, they won’t be able to afford Odex’s fines, either.

  30. chao chee bye. he is so dead. kanina.

  31. hey where did the original pic of that retard sing go to? i want it to make avatars and sigs lol.

  32. His parents would be so proud of having such a son who “upholds justice” to make a living.

  33. the provocations he made in his comment is enough to turn every anime fan into serial killers….and he said he was”shocked” that his “comments” attracted so much attention…well that smart alec nw noes who he is up against…its a 1:100 argument…if it gt heated up..who will win?…so idiot…thinking wont kill u….so think…while u still have the chance…or shld i say u still MIGHT have the chance….

  34. but i must say….9K is a small amt…hw abt increasing to say…900K? after all….now is the 7th month of the lunar calendar….can burn to him…

  35. that chee bye mofo must die. knn. curse him die a horrible death. do this because of money. fucking ass hole. he should fucking be the 1st to die. nbcbknn.

  36. If this person ever appears in East Malaysia… I will just pay someone to chop him up.

  37. Hey Anyone got HIS home number or handphone number, better is his home address??

    Let’s give him some disturbance of his life.. hehee

    It is not asking too much, just one response from each of all those anime Lovers whom those 1000′s letters he sent out to.

    Great! the more letter he send out, the more angels he will meet. Not too evil right?

    He leaves no mercy at ALL toward the Singapore anime community, he definitely deserve the MASSIVE WRATH from all of the SINGAPOREANS!!

    Wait for the tipping point…Singaporeans are not known to be repressive now…

  38. hoping for power hackers to hack into his home pc and tell us his address so we can all have a small little party outside his hse…

  39. lol…but i noe some of us have taken actions in showing that they are anti-odex…here is the link :

    c it so believe it

  40. Say, erm… that image in the back of the picture, it’s the ‘Warhammer 40k’ logo. I’ve never been to Singapore, but I know of only one place in Singapore that sells Warhammer and that’s Paradigm Infinitum. So I did some digging (i.e. typed it into google :D) and came up with some links, one of which refers to Paradigm as ‘Stephen Sing’s Store’.

    There are also multiple references to him on their Warmachine leaderboards.

    So can anyone confirm or deny whether he’s part of the staff/owner or just plays games regularly at the place?

    I’m a dedicated warmachine player and I’m embarrassed to share my hobby with this piece of crap.

  41. lol wow… wat a guy… good luck man… haha

  42. To All those who are sued by ODEX, Do read clause 6. once signed ….u admit to all. next thing u know microsoft, warner brothers, RIAA, BSA …will come knocking on your door to ask u to pay fine for downloading their music, software, etc…

    If 1000 users sued individual pay to a team of dedicated lawyers, each user paying 3k to a team of lawyers. Frankly this will sure motivate the lawyers to work real hard for ur case.

    threating sing online will not work but all those sued must stand together.

    Now we need to elite lawyers to stand forward and lend a hand and be famous.

  43. Is it true they posted pictures of his wife? Were they doing it? Where are they? Har Har! Stephen Sing you are such a lamer.

  44. It is sad that the once legal fansub is now illegal. Odex should do some soul searching as why ppl are downloading latest anime online. Look at the anime in the video stores here in SG. They are old, slow, very expensive & bad quality (VCDs). Let alone the poor selection of anime. We are all anime fans just like the distributor (I hope). Let’s settle this in a nice way & not take it to court. A lot can’t afford the fine. So what are you going to do? Forcing them to a dead end so they’ll go hang themselves?
    And I personally feel the internet subscribers should not reveal the names though the court said so. Where’s our privacy, our rights? Are they also trying to anger their subscribers? Think about it.

  45. gg for him lor :P

    budden.. since now he know his pict posted.. i dont think he will appear anywhere w/o a mask or something.

    probably go back to being a 24/7 otaku ba

  46. THose who have received the letter and planned not to give in to their blackmailing threats. Pls stand together, go join the Official Anti Odex Club, chip in funds and employ leaders and lawyers to stand by our side!
    It will become another NKF scandal, history has shown us; mass populace can shift opinion, even at corporate level!!

  47. I have a strong believe that this person want to follow his idol Stephen King, the famous director specialized creating horror movie. Stephen Sing want to create horror story for all anime fans especially in Singapore.

    I just hope he didn’t end up and doing silly thing like Stephen Chow :) (no offense Chow is great actor) which is only making unfunny joke and end up as a silly clown :)

  48. If you want to send Stephen Sing a personal thank you for his efforts to stop piracy, you can send him a PM on the PI forums: his username is ‘xysing’.

  49. lol shin wtf hav u done? u made a man go into hiding lolololololololol now the entire anime society in sg wan to him. so proud to be ur junior lolololololol fellow otaku come live in m’sia coz what happened in sg wont happen in m’sia. M’sia Bureaucracy FTW!

  50. i swear i will kick his ass if i ever see him on the street. FUCK!!

  51. i juz hope he is not going to sue the japanese AV fan downloader groupies next juz because he cannot stand when watching them…

    ps: idiot man have stupid animals…

  52. holy cow that’s a loser face

  53. I would get my anime imported from japan since this is the case, i say boycott him. I don’t mind paying for quality products, but for inferior stuffs? No way.

  54. Come on guys… and IP address can’t get urself convicted. They need more evidence than that. I believe they dun dare to take u to court. They use media to scare the shit out of u. U scared? Pay up. U not scared? Next pls!

  55. First they can’t prove how they got ur IP address. Cos they have to join in the Seed and download. Which means they are doing it illegally. And secondly, that doesn’t prove u had fully downloaded the anime and watch it. It jus be explained as an “accident” and u just cancelled the download halfway. 3rd, They dun have ur PC. How to prove? Raid ur house? So easy to get warrant? Once u get the letter, probably had deleted the animes if u refuse to comply. They probably won’t waste anymore time on u. If u guys wanna be safe, watch it streamed online or buy the originals!

  56. Support the Odex Revolution against Odex oppression of the public and wear your Black Ribbons! Join in now: Find out more at

    If you were not able to participate in funding for the court case against Odex, play your small part against this tyranny. Stop the talk. Take action now; every small move counts.

  57. Hey everyone how about asking whether this Stephen guy has ever downloaded any anime himself for free before he bought license rights ? Pinacle of honesty !!!


  59. OMG.-opens photoshop-
    -disfigures him-
    DIE DIE DIE!!!!

  60. seriously, with subs like theirs, even a 3 year old will know where and how to get better subs. odex subs does not include

    -sidenotes on refrences to japanese culture
    -and they DIRECTLY translate from HK/taiwan( or any other chiense subs for that matter) subs. therefore they save money for their golden toiletbowl/golden tap instead of spending them on translator who actually know japanese

  61. Going through the web profile. I discovered that he had a personal email account with and this is probably why pacnet had not done something yet.

    Oh by the way, the web internet ip address is . I’m not quite sure what the internet community will do with it… But please don’t perform a DDOS attack, SPAM emails, virus attack and etc.

    Registrar: Webvisions Pte Ltd


    Domain Name:
    Creation Date: 22-05-2001 18:40:36
    Expiration Date: 22-05-2008 00:00:00
    Domain Status: Active

    Owner/Main Contact:

    Registered Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Registered Address(line2): International Plaza
    Registered Address(line3):
    Registered Country: Singapore
    Registered Postalcode: 079903

    Mailing Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Mailing Address(line2): International Plaza
    Mailing Address(line3):
    Mailing Country: Singapore
    Mailing Postalcode: 079903

    Administrative Contact:

    Registered Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Registered Address(line2): International Plaza
    Registered Address(line3):
    Registered Country: Singapore
    Registered Postalcode: 079903

    Mailing Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Mailing Address(line2): International Plaza
    Mailing Address(line3):
    Mailing Country: Singapore
    Mailing Postalcode: 079903

    Technical Contact:

    Registered Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Registered Address(line2): International Plaza
    Registered Address(line3):
    Registered Country: Singapore
    Registered Postalcode: 079903

    Mailing Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Mailing Address(line2): International Plaza
    Mailing Address(line3):
    Mailing Country: Singapore
    Mailing Postalcode: 079903

    Telephone: (65) 6225-6082
    Facsimile: (65) 6222-6119
    Pager / Mobile Number:


    Billing Contact:

    Registered Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Registered Address(line2): International Plaza
    Registered Address(line3):
    Registered Country: Singapore
    Registered Postalcode: 079903

    Mailing Address(line1): 10 Anson Road #22-11
    Mailing Address(line2): International Plaza
    Mailing Address(line3):
    Mailing Country: Singapore
    Mailing Postalcode: 079903

    Name Servers:

    Note: With immediate effect from 1 Jun 2005 email address and phone numbers for
    Administrative Contact and Billing Contact will not be shown in the above WHOIS
    This move is in-line with national and global efforts to curb SPAM.

    Technical Contact details will still be available for troubleshooting of
    technical problems
    which may be time-sensitive.

    Any party who has legitimate reason to obtain email address or phone numbers of
    the domain
    name contacts can either (1) obtain the contacts from the domain name’s website
    (usually by prepending ‘www.’ in front of the domain name or perform an Internet
    using the organization name or; (2) Request the information from SGNIC via email
    (), stating the reasons.

    PAP – People Action Party: Please to some action to this rogue company. People mean us “Online Anime Fans”, Action means the things we do, Party means the “SG Online Anime Community”

  62. this will just teach ppl to get their stuff from sneakier sources ;)
    revolution of piracy!!

    just direct download your animes from
    great site

  63. Dear all

    just to note, so downloading what they distro is wrong. but does he download them himself ? very big question. then if he uses pacnet at home, and pacnet hands the list of IPs and it has his own. so does he Fines himself ? lol just a humble though

  64. What a wanker. This guy is asking for a beating or two from some enraged anime fan. When I was a kid in secondary school in Singapore we used to scratch unpopular teachers’ cars. I wonder what car is this guy driving…

  65. he better hide at home cause if people see him on the street, confirm kana beat until all his sh it goes to his brain, fakking bangala singsing retard
    even bird’s as shole is even bigger then his eyes

    just because he try to action now his family and friends probably have to live in fear of revenge

  66. totally agree.

    challenge them and see what they say. they cannot prove anything.

    btw, my lawyer friend said if the ppl didnt pay and challenged odex, they will realise that odex do not have enough grounds to sue.
    please read this for those who received the odex letter and understand better where you stand before or after paying the settlement. which really, doesnt make much difference except you are a few thousand dollars poorer:

    read more:

  67. yea damn right u r my friend…if i may refer to a website detailing how ODEX GOT THEIR ASS OWNED AGAINST PACNET..

    Which basically says that odex is only a sub liscencer for all their animes SAVE GUNDAM SEED DESTINY…which means they lack the authority to sue ppl…as said by District Judge Ernest Lau where “He has also written that only copyright holders themselves or its exclusive licensee can make such copyright claims, and that he is not satisfied with the evidence that was harvested by BayTSP for identification of downloaders. [34][12] Out of all the animes licensed to Odex, only Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’s license was granted exclusively to the company. Lau also notes that out of the 13 letters of authorisation presented in court 10 of them authorised AVPAS, not Odex, to act for the copyright holders.”

    Also….Thomas Koshy, a legal academic said ” questioned the legality of Odex making such legal claims and the threat of criminal prosecution (as stated in the legal letters to downloaders), as only the powers to prosecute rests with the Attorney-General or delegated by fiat.[15] Only government institutions or bodies may prosecute people for criminal offenses; Odex, however, is a commercial entity as is the Anti-Video Piracy Association of Singapore (AVPAS) which it is issuing the letters on behalf of and hence cannot enact legal action on the said law. The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) takes an anti-piracy stance, however, has not yet prosecuted people under criminal law on behalf of Odex yet, nor has it stated that it will. The author also notes that in addition to never having been used, the law cited by Odex in its letters was never intended by IPOS to target the man-on-the-street, but rather prosecute people pirating for monetary gain (i.e. reselling of pirated goods for profit).”



  68. Yes, Stefan hangs out at the store. Or should I say “used to” hang out at PI. He is however not the store owner. Please be clear of that. He is just another customer at the store.
    If you all have doubts about this, you are welcome to drop by the store and I can explain to your the long spotty history of Gaming in Singapore.

    Da Bear

  69. Will you really pay me S$9000 if i take him out?

  70. With no real news from Odex ever since their appeal against Pacnet, I’ve been wondering the whereabouts of our dear friends…

  71. its over in a sense, pacnet gave them full access to the IPs as they had backing from the japanese companies. but no fear! even if they have IP they cannot take legal action against you. as long as u restart your router, they cannot tell which computer downloaded the information, running on a router it could be anyone in your area who used your router to download, including someone who lives near you. several cases were hit back this way(though not in singapore). it should work here in singapore anyway…

  72. Ah, thanks for the info ^^

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