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Rozen Maiden Best Album – Leer Lied

*I feel like killing myself to write this entry all over again. What is wrong with wordpress!?!? I am to blame as well for not saving it first. T^T*

It is impossible to write back the exactly same one as I had written earlier. Rather, I am quite unmotivated right now since the whole thing is gone! *sobs*

Basically, this album is like a collection of the EDs for both the first and second season of the series; a few character image songs from the Character Drama albums; and a few other tracks that I have no idea whether it was newly composed to fit in this album or it's from other Rozen Maiden's albums.

What I really like about this album is the voice of Shimotsuki Haruka which sounds sweet and serene to me. The heavy usage of string instruments and choir singing gives me the cozy ambience. Yuu know, the one that makes yuu really wanna laze around either on the bed or comfy couch on a rainy day with a cup of hot chocs and a book.

Here's the list of the tracks.

01. Utsusemi no Kage (Rozen Maiden: Ouvertüre ED)
02. Kanata Kara no Chinkonka (Suigintou's image song)
03. Pizzicato Hiyori (Kanaria's image song)
04. Midori no Yubi (Suiseiseki's image song)
05. Hachimitsu
06. Toumei Shelter (Rozen Maiden ED)
07. Chikakute Tooi Yume (Hinaichigo's image song)
08. Monochrome Sekai
09. Utsutsu Yume
10. Leer Lied
11. Eden
12. Hikari no Rasenritsu (Rozen Maiden: Träumend ED)


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