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Wry yu take away animu?

For those who keeping tabs on the anime blogging scene, the ODEX vs ANIME FANS case in Singapore should not come off as anything new nor surprising. Their latest victim this time is a 9 year old kid, although it's not mentioned what he downloaded(probably the similiar stuff the others with caught with, namely Naruto, Bleach, D.Gray Man and whatnot. And you haven't noticed already, all Singapore based anime blogs are kinda slow on their updates these days no thanks to Odex. As fellow fans, we can only wish our brothers and sisters from the island republic the best of luck. Shin out. :<

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  1. I heard about this a while ago. It really sucks. :/ Hopefully after a while they’ll slack off on their search.

    Poor little 9 year old kid.

  2. At this rate, they’ll scare off all downloaders into submission, although this wouldn’t help Odex boost sales in the long run since they’ve already been boycotted by the anime community over there. I guess they can rely on the ignorant bunch to buy their low quality merchandise. =\

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